Important Dates and Deadlines

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• January 1
Lien date, the date property taxes become a lien on the property. Filing begins on various exemptions.
• February 15
Final deadline for filing of most exemption claims.
• April 1
Due date for filing Business Property Statements, Apartment House Property Statements, Mining and Quarrying Productions Reports, etc. This due date is set by the Assessor, and may vary.
• April 10
Last day to pay 2nd installment of property taxes without penalty.
• May 7
Last Day to file business property statement without penalty
• July 1
Start of the County's fiscal year.
• July 1– Oct. 15
Period for filing claims for Senior Citizens Tax Assistance.
• July 2 – Nov. 30
Period during which County Board of Equalization accepts applications for appealing property values on regular assessment roll.
• Nov. 1
Deadline for the Tax Collector to mail tax bills.
• Nov. 1
Date 1st installment of of current fiscal year property taxes become due.
• Dec. 10
Final deadline for filing "late file" Homeowner's.
• Dec. 10
Last day to pay 1st installment of property taxes without penalty.
• Dec. 10
Final deadline to notify Assessor of ineligibility for Homeowner's exemption without penalty.