Real Property

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The Real Property Division is responsible for valuing real property for property taxation purposes, and enrolling the values of all taxable real property, including land and physical improvements, on the tax rolls.  In association with this function, the Division also provides property-assessment related information to the public, and also cooperates with other government agencies on assessment and property tax-related matters.

The Division’s valuation function includes assessing the taxable value of real property when an ownership change occurs and assessing the value of new construction, including both new homes and business buildings and improvements to existing homes and business buildings.  In addition, the Division is responsible for making downward adjustments to property values, as required by State law, when market values fall below the taxable value property as defined by its value at the last ownership change, plus an increase of up to 2 percent a year since that change.  This function is mandated under Section XIII A of the California Constitution and Sections 50, 51 and 75.10 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.  Because of its role in property valuation, the Division also participates in property tax assessment appeals, which are authorized by the Constitution and Section 80 and Section 1600 et. Seq.of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

The Real Property section also assesses special properties including oil, mines, Possessory interests, mobile homes, Section 11 properties and Mills Act properties.