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Assessor maps are prepared in accordance with standards set by the California State Board of Equalization and are similar to Assessor maps in other California counties. Data on the maps are per recorded documents. Typically this includes recorded Subdivision or Plat Maps, Records of Survey, deeds or other sources. Legal descriptions and recorded documents used by Mapping are available through the Recorders Office.

Real property is assigned a unique identification number called an Assessor Parcel Number (APN). The APN is used extensively within the Assessor-Recorder office, other County offices, and many business to track parcels and related information. The APN appears on the tax bill for each parcel. APNs are used to identify all property in the county and help assure that property is not omitted or double assessed.

Assessor maps help us determine what Tax Rate Area (TRA) each parcel is in. TRA codes allow the County to allocate tax revenues to participating agencies such as cities and special districts. The TRA code also appears on the tax bill for each parcel. An explanation on how to parcel numbers are organized can be found in this document.

Field work (surveying property lines and corners) is not done by this office. Creating Records of Survey is considered field work. Refer to your local Yellow Pages to find surveyors. Fence issues do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Assessor.