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For a definition of a Fictitious Business Name or information on who is required to file a Fictitious Business Name statement, click Fictitious Business Name: What is it?

For information on how to search the Index of Fictitious Business Names, in order to determine if a particular business name is currently registered or, the name of the owner or owners of a particular business, click search in person.

A Fictitious Business Name may be filed by mail or in person; however, because of its importance, we strongly urge you to file in person.

If you are unable to appear in person and would like information on how to file a Fictitious Business Name by mail, click file by mail.

To file a Fictitious Business in person,


Search the “Index of Fictitious Business Names” located at the County Clerk’s office to ensure the name you intend to file is not already registered. 


1. You may complete the application via the internet and transmit it directly to the County Clerk's Office. You will need to come into the County Clerk's Office to complete the process along with a valid picture ID within two weeks or the request will be deleted. Click here to complete the application online.


2. You can come into the County Clerk's Office, with a valid Picture ID, to submit your application on the kiosk and complete the process.

***When filing a Fictitious Business Name for a corporation or LLC, please include a copy of the articles of incorporation/association.  Please be prepared to present your identification at the time of filing.

 The fee to register a Fictitious Business Name can be found on our fee schedule.

Click here for location, contact information and office hours


We always suggest you search the Registry or file a Fictitious Business Name Statement in person at our office location. However, if you are unable to come to the County Clerk’s office you may request a search of file a Fictitious Business Name Statement by mail.

For information on requesting a search of the Fictitious Business Name Index by mail, click file by mail.

We always recommend that you search the Registry of Fictitious Business Names before filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement.

The fees for copies are as follows:

$2.00 per page Plain Copy

$2.00 per Certified Copy