Marriage Licenses

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This office issues marriage licenses ONLY if both parties are at least 18 years of age. If either of the prospective parties are under 18 years of age, click licensing under 18.

A blood test is not required.

Both parties to the license must appear together, in person, with proof of age and identification. A valid state driver’s license, state identification, or passport is acceptable alone; however, a temporary driver’s license, military ID, immigration card, school ID, or employment ID is acceptable only along with a certified copy of the birth certificate. If you are presenting a valid state identification, or driver’s license which does not reflect your full legal name, please be prepared to present a certified copy of your birth certificate.

If either party has been granted a divorce within 90 days of applying for a new marriage license, a certified copy of the final divorce must be presented at the time of issuance. A divorce judgment is not final until the date the marital status terminates. A marriage license cannot be issued if your divorce is not final. The date of the final judgment must be prior to the date a new license is issued.  

A Registered Domestic Partnership (RDP) need not be dissolved prior to the issuance of a marriage license if the parties to the RDP and the parties to the marriage license are identical. If you have obtained a Withdrawal of Domestic Partnership within 90 days of applying for a marriage license from someone other than the person you are applying for a marriage license with, a stamped filed copy of the Withdrawal of Domestic Partnership must be presented at the time of issuance.

PLEASE NOTE: The office of the County Clerk issues Regular marriage licenses and Confidential marriage licenses. In order to obtain a Confidential Marriage License both parties must swear in writing that they have already been living together.  The marriage license will be maintained as a Confidential License in the County Clerk’s Office and only the named parties on the license may obtain copies of the marriage certificate with proper photo identification or a written notarized request.  The ONLY exception would be a party entitled to receive the record as a result of a court order pursuant to Family Code Section 511(c). If this is the case, you must provide a certified copy of the court order with your request.

Your marriage license is effective immediately and valid for 90 days. The fee for a Non-Confidential Marriage License can be found on our fee schedule. Payment may be made by cash, personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Debit/Credit cards are also accepted in the office; a transaction fee of $2.50 applies.  Once you have your marriage license the ceremony can be performed at the location of your choice within the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, the County Clerk does not perform civil ceremonies.


1. You may complete the application via the internet and transmit it directly to the County Clerk's Office. You will BOTH need to come into the County Clerk's Office together to complete the process, with valid Picture IDs, within two weeks or the request will be deleted. Click here to submit a Marriage License Application online.

2. You can BOTH come into the County Clerk's Office together, with valid Picture IDs, to submit your application on the kiosk and complete the process.