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Turbo Court    Available: August 1, 2019

Apply for Child Support Services or Request Modification of Court Order.

Child Support Guideline Calculator

The California Guideline Child Support Calculator is based on California Child Support Guidelines and can be used to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in your case.

California Court Legal Forms

Easy way to find and download legal forms for your use

California Department of Child Support Services

Learn more about any child support issue

County of Monterey Website

Your access to any Department in Monterey County


Customer Connect

Is California’s self-service, child support case information system designed with YOU in mind. Get connected—use Customer Connect secure self-service website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The State’s FAQ site is an extensive list of quick answers for questions from parents and employers.


Self Help Center

The Monterey Superior Court’s Self-Help Center offers workshops about family law matters including divorce, child custody, support and visitation. All workshops are conducted by the Family Law Facilitator, a Staff Attorney, or a Paralegal.

The Self-Help Center also offers DOCUMENT REVIEWS to review your filled-out court forms before you file them, to identify any mistakes or missing forms, and to avoid paperwork returns from the court.