How to Report a Problem

Our office has a transparent process for handling complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. You can view the detailed process here. Procedimientos De Denuncia De Derechos Civiles

Complaints can also be filed with California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The County's complaint form can be downloaded here. Formulario De Queja Por Discriminatión.

The process has four main steps:

You may reach out to us by phone, email, or in person to express concern or awareness of discrimination or harassment. We will listen, try to help you solve the problem, and explain the complaint process. If the concern is ongoing and severe, we may recommend to management initial steps to address your concerns.

If you choose to file a complaint, we will ask you to complete the complaint form, then we will contact you to conduct an intake interview. Within 30 days after the interview, we will determine if one of our civil rights policies was potentially violated.

If a policy was potentially violated, we will initiate an investigation. The investigators assigned to your case will be unbiased and fair. Your privacy and anonymity will be protected to the best of our ability, but it is not guaranteed. Retaliation of any kind is prohibited. The investigation may take up to three months.

If we do find that a policy was violated, both you and the respondent will be notified. The Civil Rights Officer will make recommendations to County leadership on how to address the issue.

We may not find specific policies were violated. If that happens, the case is closed. At this point, we are still available to offer problem solving and diversity training.

The complaint process: a visual representation

El Proceso De Quejas