Advise County Departments

Did you know that ...

...more than one in four Monterey County residents do not speak English?

...our workforce is changing faster than ever, with high levels of retirements and new hires?

...county policy and federal law require that we provide meaningful access to all County

services for all community members?

...diverse workplaces are more creative, solve problems better, and are more adaptable, but can also create dissent when left unmanaged?

...promoting and managing an equitable and diverse workplace requires empathy, problem solving,

some technical knowledge, and communication skills?

The Civil Rights Office supports all County departments in meeting equity and diversity challenges and needs.

We can:

  • Customize training sessions

  • Support recruitment efforts to ensure a fair process

  • Consult on workplace diversity and inclusivity challenges

  • Design community engagement processes and consult on community engagement challenges

  • Support the development of Governing for Racial Equity plans

Contact us to request support or discuss your department's needs.