Conflict Resolution Program


The Civil Rights Office manages the County of Monterey's Conflict Resolution Program, a vehicle for employees to address and resolve complaints and concerns that are not related to discrimination. The main purpose is to resolve conflict at the most appropriate level. In addition, it provides the opportunity to resolve the conflict as quickly and as efficiently as possible. However, the Program is not intended to replace any of the existing procedures that are currently in place for reporting issues of employee misconduct, discrimination or harassment complains, union disputes, or any other conflict for which a procedure for its resolution already exists.

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CRR Flowchart

Employee Responsibility

​Employees who have a complaint or concern, should attempt to resolve it directly with their supervisor.  If the issue is not satisfactorily resolved, they should contact their department manager and/or department head.  If the issue is still not resolved, they may proceed to the County’s Conflict Resolution Program.  

Department Responsibility

Supervisors, managers, and department heads are in the best position to address their employees concerns and to strengthen and promote ethical practices and ethical treatment of employees.  Likewise, they are best equipped to ensure that County policies, procedures and state and federal laws are adhered to. 

Supervisors, managers and departments are encouraged to commit to the Monterey County Values statement, which states:

“We are committed to treating our fellow employees, customers and residents with respect and courtesy at all time”


The Conflict Resolution Program operates under the general direction of the Civil Rights Office.   The Conflict Resolution Program receives input and advice from the County Administrative Office, County Counsel, and department heads.

Conflict Resolution Committee Responsibility

The Conflict Resolution Committee will be convened by the Civil Rights Office to hear and discuss the employee complaints and to determine the best method to resolve conflict.  Every attempt will be made to address complainants as thoroughly and efficiently as possible. By way of example, some of the methods available to the Committee to resolve conflict may include working directly with the parties, referring the parties to confidential mediation, or directing the issue to other appropriate agencies for resolution.