Agriculture Advisory Committee

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Agriculture Advisory Committee

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Legislative Reference

  • Resolution No. 65-208, April 26, 1965; Created
  • Resolution No. 77-213, April 26, 1977; Established
  • Resolution No. 01-349, September 4, 2001; rescinded 77-213 and reestablished
  • Resolution No. 03-141, April 29, 2003; amended 01-349 and adopted By-Laws
  • Resolution No. 04-20, January 13, 2004; amended 03-141 and By-Laws changed
  • Resolution No. 06-331, November 14, 2006; amended 04-20 and approved By-Laws
  • Resolution No. 09-357 , July 21, 2009 ; to eliminate the sunset date of the committee, increase member term limits and eliminated the limitation on officer's terms
  • Resolution No. 12-259, September 18, 2012 amended Resolution No. 09-357 to provided for in the event there is a need for a Committee member to take a temporary leave of absence due to personal or family medical reason.


  • Consists of 13 members.


Members shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years to serve at the will of the Board of Supervisors, commencing on July 1st and ending June 30th. Vacancies that occur will be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointments. No member shall be appointed for more than three (3) full consecutive terms, and shall serve until his or her successor is appointed. A temporary alternate Committee member is provided for in the event there is a need for a Committee member to take a temporary leave of absence due to personal or family medical reason.

Meeting Date, Time, and Place:

Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month and/or as determined by the Chairperson of the Committee at 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. 1428 Abbott St, Salinas at the Monterey County Agriculture Center.

Staff Contact

Bob Roach ~ Agricultural Commissioner - 759-7379

Supervisors Appointees

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Kurt Gollnick
Scheid Vineyards
10-10-17 06-30-20
2 Steve DeLorimier
D'Arrigo Brothers
07-28-15 06-30-18
3 Kirk Williams 06-07-16 06-30-19
4 Val King 05-02-17 06-30-18
5 Matt Shea
Bernardus Winery
09-12-17 06-30-20

At-Large Members

Organization Name Appointed Expires
California Strawberry Commission Allen Davis
Dole Berry Co.
07-07-15 06-30-18
Monterey County Cattlemen's™ Association

Monterey County Farm Bureau Bill Lipe
06-05-18 06-30-21
Grower-Shipper Association of Central California Erik Heacox

12-12-17 06-30-20
Monterey County Vintners™ and Growers™ Association Scott Storm
Valley Farm Management
07-07-15 06-30-18

District Name Appointed Expires
At-Large Jocelyn Bridson 12-12-17 06-30-20
At-Large Nick Huntington 12-12-17 06-30-20
At-Large Alexandra Eastman, DVM Steinbeck Country Clinic 10-13-15 06-30-18

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