Animal Control Program Advisory Board


Animal Control Program Advisory Board

For further information, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at (831) 755-5066.

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Legislative Reference

Resolution No. 90-367, dated June 12, 1990; bylaws reorganized on April 30, 2002, Resolution No. 02-165.


The Board consists of nine members. Each Supervisor appoints one member, and the Director of Health appoints four members. The membership should include representatives from the following professions:

Veterinary profession;
Educational community;
Agricultural community;
Pet owner associations and clubs;
Kennel and pet shop operators and;
Concerned citizens.

Ex-officio members shall include Representatives of:

Chief Animal Control Officer;
District Attorney;
Agricultural Commissioner.
Monterey Superior Court; and
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Monterey County, Inc.


The terms of office of members are 3 years commencing on the first of July, with staggered terms, so that one-third of the members’ terms expire July 1 of each year.

Qualifications & Functions:

The Advisory Board will review and analyze Title 8 of the Monterey County Code (Animal Control); review and evaluate the animal control program needs, services, facilities, and budget; advise and assist in public information and public relations activities of the County Animal Control Program; and report its findings and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors through the Director of Health.

Meeting Date, Time, and Place:

The Board shall establish a regular meeting date and time, which shall not be less than quarterly.

Staff Contact

Ricardo Encarnacion- Health Dept. 755-4542

Supervisors Appointees

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Mike Richards
02-27-18 07-01-20
2 Nannette Newbury 07-28-15 07-01-18
3 Basil Smith 07-18-17 07-01-20
4 Debra Long
11-14-17 07-01-20
5 David A. Alexander 07-19-16 07-01-19

Health Director's At large Appointments

District Name Appointed Expires
At-Large- Education Community
Tom Bailey
At-Large - Citizen Representative
Leslie McDaniel
At-Large Mary Arnold 12-08-15 07-01-18
At-Large Veterinary Professional
 Frank Kocher, DVM
 09-12-17  07-01-18
Ex-Officio Chief Animal Control Officer Dr. Caroline Kennedy N/A
Ex-Officio Sheriff Stephen Bernal N/A
Ex-Officio District’s Attorney Dean Flippo, D.A. N/A
Ex-Officio Agricultural Commissioner Eric Laurizen N/A
Ex-Officio Superior Court Vacant N/A
Ex-Officio SPCA

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