Area Agency on Aging Advisory Board

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Area Agency on Aging Advisory Board

 For further information, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at (831) 755-5066.

Apply Now (Formerly known as Older Americans Advisory Council)

Legislative Reference

  • 05-13-80 Established Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council
  • 08-18-81 Resolution 85-438 Established Senior Citizens Advisory Council for the Area Agency on Aging
  • 01-08-85 Resolution 85-1 amended Resolution 81-438
  • 02-12-85 Resolution 85-82 Designation to act as review committee for community-based long-term care service
  • 01-14-86 Resolution 85-19 Bylaws Amended
  • 12-17-91 Resolution 91-619 Bylaws Amended
  • 07-16-96 Resolution 96-292 Bylaws amended to changed name to Older Americans Advisory Council
  • 05-09-06 Bylaws amended
  • 05-17-11 Bylaws amended
  • 10-17-17 Bylaws amended


  • a. Each member of the Board of Supervisors (5) shall appoint one member to serve for a three-year term.
  • b. The Council shall recommend to the Board of Supervisors ten (10) Community-at-Large Representatives for appointment to membership on the Council
  • c. Council membership shall consist of; (OAA Title III Part A Section 306 (5) (D); 2006 Amendments)

    • (1) Older individuals (including minority individuals and older individuals residing in rural areas) who are participants or are eligible to participate in programs assisted under the Older Americans Act
    • (2) Family caregivers
    • (3) Service providers
    • (4) Representatives of the business community
    • (5) Local elected officials
    • (6) Providers of veterans’ health care
    • (7) The general public
  • d. Members of the California Senior Legislature (CSL) and the California Commission on Aging from Monterey County who are not members of the Monterey County AAA-AC shall be ex-officio members of the Council without voting privileges.


Terms of Council members shall begin on January 1, shall be three (3) years in length and are to be staggered, one third (5 members) each year. Council members appointed to fill vacancies, which occur during a term shall complete those terms.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide information about the needs and opinions of older adults to the Board of Supervisors, and County staff; review use of funds and advise the Board on the assessments and evaluations of agency contracts and the allocation of those funds; advise the Board on legislation and policies pertinent to older adults; advise on the development and implementation of the Annual Area Plan in conformity with State and Federal regulations; serve as a source of leadership and advocacy on behalf of senior adults with disabilities in the community; and promote citizen involvement in the planning and delivery of services

Meeting Date, Time and Place:

3rd Thursday every other month (even numbered months) at 1:00 p.m.; Call Sandra Silva at 755-4728 to confirm your attendance and location of the meeting.

Agenda will be posted to the bulletin boards, a week prior to the meeting, at the Life Foundation Building, 1000 S. Main Street, Salinas, CA 93901.

Staff Contact

Margaret Huffman, Social Services, 831-755-4435

Committee Webpage:

Supervisors Appointees

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Emilie Mangompit 11-19-2019 01-01-2023
2 Thomas Henry Shields 01-10-2017 01-01-2020
3 Jose Vasquez 05-10-2016 01-01-2019
4 Howard Scherr
5 Richard Kuehn 08-27-2019 01-01-2022

COMMUNITY-AT-LARGE MEMBERS Appointed by District 1-5 (Full Board Appointments)

District Name Appointed Expires
1-5 Josie Avila
1-5 Jessica McKillip
1-5 Aimee Cuda 03-14-2017 01-01-2020
1-5 Doris Beckman 01-23-2018
1-5 Luana Conley
1-5 Margaret Polanco 11-06-2018 01-01-2021
1-5 Linda A. Cortez
1-5 Unscheduled Vacancy   01-01-2021
1-5 Unscheduled Vacancy

1-5 Unscheduled Vacancy   01-01-2021

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