Commission on Disabilities

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Commission on Disabilities

 For further information, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at (831) 755-5066. 

Legislative Reference:

  • 02-20-01 Resolution 01-073 Commission Created
  • 06-12-01 Bylaws
  • 02-15-05 Bylaws revised.
  • 08-29-06 Renamed Monterey County Commission on Disabilities
  • 07-12-11 Resolution 11-257 Re-established Advisory Commission on Disabilities
  • 06-25-13 Bylaws Revised
  • 04-22-14 Bylaws Revised
  • 10-25-16 Bylaws Amended


A Representatives - consists of nineteen representatives:

  • Consists of no more than 23 representatives All members of the Monterey County Commission on Disabilities shall be approved by the Board of Supervisors, within their sole discretion including:
  • Each member of the Board of Supervisors shall appoint a representative who lives or works in his/her district.
  • For a combined total of eight (8) each city within Monterey County that desires to do so, shall submit a request for membership and appointment of a representative to the Commission.
  • The Director of the county’s Resource Management Agency or his/her designee shall serve ex-officio as a non-voting member of the Commission.
  • The Monterey County Department Heads Council shall select a representative to serve a three-year term.
  • A combined total of not-to-exceed eight (8) representatives from various community-based organizations located in Monterey County that represent the interest and concerns of people with disabilities and/or, actively advocate for civil rights of persons with disabilities may be appointed. Each representative appointed must reside or work for an agency/organization in Monterey County. Each organization requesting representation on the Commission shall be screened and approved separately in accordance with standards established by the Commission. A representative may be appointed only after the organization is approved for membership on the Commission. Each community based group’s representative shall serve a three-year term, and then must petition for any additional three-year appointment. Consideration for an additional term shall be made along with other interested and qualified community-based organization (s).

Except for the initial terms, the regular terms of office begin January 1st and end December 31st.

There shall be a six-year maximum consecutive membership, excludes Board of Supervisor’s representative.

Meeting Date, Time, Location:

The board meets on the last Monday of every other month at 2:00 p.m. at 168 W. Alisal St, 2nd floor, in the Monterey Room.

Staff Contact

Ruby Jacinto, Administrative Secretary- Confidential (831) 755-5117

Committee Webpage:

Supervisor’s Appointees:

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Vacant
Pleasure of the Board
2 Susan Osorio 12-08-2015 Pleasure of the Board
3 Jose Vasquez 02-26-2008 Pleasure of the Board
4 Henry Bergstresser 10-04-2011 Pleasure of the Board
5 Vacant
Pleasure of the Board

City Representatives (Maximum of 8)

District Name Appointed Expires
Pacific Grove Vacant

Sand City Vacant
Salinas Nona Childress 02-05-2019
Gonzales Vacant

Carmel Vacant

Del Rey Oaks Vacant

Greenfield Vacant

Marina Vacant

Monterey County General Services Department Head - (1) ex officio

District Name Appointed Expires
RMA Department Head Neville Pereira  
12-11-2018 12-31-2021

Monterey County Department Heads Council Representative (1)

District Name Appointed Expires
Military & Veteran's Affairs Department Jason Cameron 07-10-2018

Community-Based Organization Representatives (8)

District Name Appointed Expires  
Deft & Hard of Hearing Service Center Krystal Rios-Harris 01-08-2019 12-31-2021  
MST District Cristy Sugabo 01-08-2019 12-31-2021  
Hope Services Vacant
Central Coast Alliance for Health Lilia Chagolla 01-08-2019 12-31-2021  
Easter Seals
Unscheduled Vacancy
United Veterans Council James Bogan 01-10-2017 12-31-2019  
Central Coast Center for Independent Living Vacant
Special Kids Crusade Vacant
 Gateway Center of Monterey County  Stephanie Lyon  07-10-2018  12-31-2020  

 The Blind & Visually Impaired Center

 of Monterey County

 Samantha Kelley  09-18-2018  12-31-2020  
 Hartnell College  Vacant      

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