Community Restorative Justice Commission

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Community Restorative Justice Commission

Legislative Reference:
  • 09-26-00 Resolution 00-364 Established Commission
  • 01-08-02 Resolution 02-008 Amended
  • 06-24-08 By Resolution No. 08-228
  • 04-14-09 By Resolution 09-219 Bylaws.
  • 04-06-10 Bylaws Amended
  • 05-03-11 By Resolution 11-134 Bylaws amended


The Community Restorative Justice Commission consists 19 members:

  • The Chief Probation Officer or his/her designee
  • The District Attorney or his/her designee
  • The Public Defender or his/her designee
  • One member of the Board of Supervisors, who has been a victim of a crime

A member who is an elected official, the Chief Probation Officer, the District Attorney or the Public Defender may designate a representative to participate and vote at meetings if he/she is unable to attend.
Additionally, 15 members appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

  • Five residents who have been victims of a crime, appointed by each Supervisor
  • Nine appointees, to establish a broad-based community representation on the Commission, including:
    • One Local correctional professional
    • One State member of the Monterey County Chief Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
    • One mayor of a city in Monterey County
    • One student attending a college, university or a Monterey County High School
    • One person who has personal experience with the criminal justice system
    • One member of the faith community
    • One business person
    • One educator
    • One official of a non-profit organization concerned with law enforcement and victim’s rights


The initial appointments were for two-year terms. Appointments now will be for three-year terms. The Chief Probation Officer, District Attorney and the Public Defender all serve as long as he/she holds office. The Board member serves a three-year term

Qualifications & Functions:

The Commission oversees community education on restorative justice issues and reviews and evaluates restorative justice needs, services, facilities and special concerns. In addition, the Commission oversees the partnership between probation, law enforcement, the judiciary, and the Community Justice Commission on the Central Coast, the community based non-profit corporation established to implement restorative justice in Monterey County.

The Commission makes recommendations to the Probation Department and Law Enforcement, the District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, and the Coordinated Trial Courts for the successful implementation of restorative justice principles.

Meeting Date, Time, Location:

Meetings are held on the third Monday of the each month, unless otherwise specified, at a place and time to be determined by the Commission.

Staff Contact

Elizabeth Crooks, Deputy Probation Officer III, Probation Department / (831) 755-3961

Each Supervisor appoints a person who has been a victim of a crime.

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Angie Ortega 10-24-17 10-01-20
2 Bertha Gonzalez 12-12-17 12-31-20
3 Beatriz Vera-Morga 03-07-17 03-11-20
4 Cheryl Ward-Kaiser 04-10-18 04-10-21
5 Kathleen Bauer 08-28-18 06-12-21

Full Board Appointments

Name Appointed Expire
 John M. Phillips, District 2 (Claudia Link, Aide)
01-10-2017   01-07-20
Marcia Parsons
Chief Probation Officer
While in Office While in Office
Annie Michaels (Alternate)
Jeannine Pacioni
District Attorney
07-25-14 While in Office
Susan Chapman
Public Defender
12-24-2016 While in Office
Wesley Haye
Experience with Criminal Justice System
07-10-18 06-09-21
Etna Monsalve
Business Representative
01-29-19 01-23-23
Maria Orozco, Mayor of the City of Gonzales
Mayor Representative
03-28-17 10-26-19
Deborah Carrillo,
Non-profit representative
06-09-15 06-09-21
Vivienne Moore,
Faith Representative
03-07-17 01-29-20
Anthony P. Ivanich
State Corrections Representative
03-13-18 01-12-21
Tina Nieto
Chier Law Enforcement Officer Representative
09-11-18 07-14-21
Roger Gayman
Student Representative
08-23-16 08-26-19
Ron Dillender
Educator's Representative
07-11-17 05-17-20
Captain James Bass
Local Corrections Representative
10-17-17 11-01-20