County Service Area No. 45 Public Works Advisory Committee (Oak Hills)

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County Service Area No. 45 Public Works Advisory Committee (Oak Hills)

 For further information, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at (831) 755-5066.

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Legislative Reference

Created by Resolution No. 80-293 adopted May 13, 1980.


Committee shall consist of five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Two from Oak Hills Subdivision east of Cathedral Oaks Drive, two from Oak Hills Subdivision west of Cathedral Oaks Drive and one at-large residing in CSA #45.


Each member of the committee shall have a term of three years and until his/her respective successor is appointed and qualified.


The duties of the committee shall be to give advice to the Board of Supervisors as follows:

  • All matters relating to CSA #45
  • Public Utilities
  • Sanitation Planning and Facilities
  • Fire Protection
  • Transportation
  • State Highway
  • Traffic – County and State highways

Meeting Date, Time & Place

The committee shall meet at least twice each calendar year at a regularly established time and place. All meetings shall be open to the public.


Lynette Redman, Management Analyst III - Special Districts, 831-796-6038; Resource Management Agency – Administrative Services

Appointed By District 2

Name Appointed Expires
Tim K. West 02-13-18 01-01-21
Lynn Riddle 02-13-18 01-01-21
Cynthia Suverkrop
02-13-18 01-01-21
Andrew Reiter 02-13-18 01-01-21
Alex Rouch 02-13-18 01-01-21

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