Historical Advisory Commission

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Historical Advisory Committee


Legislative Reference

Monterey County Historical Advisory Committee created by Resolution No. 70-60 adopted February 24, 1970; Amended by Resolution No. 80-243, adopted April 29, 1980; changed over to Monterey County Historical Advisory Commission by Resolution No. 80-419, adopted July 22, 1980.


Shall consist of 10 residents from the County of Monterey, with 2 from each Supervisory Districts.


Appointees serve 3-year terms, ending February 1st.

Qualifications and Functions:

Established to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors relative to the promotion and preservation of historical sites and artifacts in Monterey County. The Commission is not required by State or Federal laws.

Meeting Date, Time & Place

The Commission shall hold regular meetings, open and public, withing Monterey County, at a regularly established time and place, as selected by a majority of the commission's Members Special public meetings may be held at such times and places as the Commission's chairman and the Board of Supervisors shall direct.

 For the date and time of scheduled meeting please contact Shelley Glennon, Resource Management Agency, Senior Planner. Meetings held First Monday of the month, four times per year, meeting places varies.

Staff Contact Person:

Shelley Glennon, Resource Management Agency, Senior Planner; (831) 755-5025

Susan Rosales-Nava, Secretary (831) 755-4907

Committee Webpage: https://www.co.monterey.ca.us/government/departments-i-z/resource-management-agency-rma-/planning/committees-hearings-agendas/historical-advisory-commission

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Vacant
1 Mary Ann Worden 04-03-2018 02-01-2021
2 James Perry 03-17-2015 02-01-2022
2 Regan Huerta 06-07-2016 02-01-2023
3 Graig R. Stephens 01-31-2017 02-01-2023

Ann K. Beckett






4 Michael Wildgoose 02-09-2016 02-01-2020
4 Vacant    
5 Elizabeth Barratt 01-26-2016 02-01-2023
5 Vacant
Commissioner Emeritus Ferne Mammen

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