Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council

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Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council

The information contained on this page and related pages are currently under review and revision. For further information, please call the Clerk of the Board's Office at (831) 755-5066. We are striving to bring current all information contained on these pages, and we appreciate your patience.

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Legislative Reference:

Established by Board Order on November 12, 1996.


Shall consist of the following agencies: Monterey County Chief Probation Officer; Board of Supervisor; Behavioral Health Services Director; District Attorney's Office; MCCLEOA Association (Salinas Chief of Police); Public Defender's Office; Sheriff /Coroner; Director, Sunrise House; Executive Director Department of Social Services , Community Human Services; Superintendent of Schools, MCOE; C.A.S.A. Association - Executive Director; Community Representative - Safe Schools – At Large Member; Community Representative – At Large Member; Community Justice Conferencing – At Large Member

Duties and Responsibilities:

To establish a multi-agency council to develop and implement a comprehensive multi-agency plan that provides for a continuum of responses to juvenile crime and delinquency. To demonstrate a collaborative and integrated approach for implementing a system of swift, certain and graduated responses for at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. Created to submit an application for Juvenile Crime Enforcement and Accountability Challenge Grant Program funds to the State Board of Corrections.

Meeting Date, Time, and Place:

Meets once a year. Date, time and place to be determined

Staff Contact Person:

Marisa Fiori, Management Analyst,  (831) 796-1100

Yolanda Maciel-Pantoja, Administrative Secretary- Confidential, (831) 755-3913

Representing Member Appointed
Board of Supervisor John M. Phillips 01-09-18
Monterey County Chief Probation Officer Marcia Parsons 12-13-14
Soledad Chief of Police Jeff Joyne 03-28-17
Sheriff/ Coroner Stephen Bernal 04-07-15
Behavioral Health Services Director Amie Miller 04-12-16
District Attorney’s Office Dean Flippo 03-27-01
Public Defender’s Office Sue Chapman 03-28-17
Department of Social Services - Director Elliott Robinson 04-09-02
Sunrise House Director Clem Donaldson 04-25-17
Community Human Resources, Executive Director
Robin McRae 03-27-01
Superintendent of Schools, MCOE Nancy Kotowski 04-17-07
California State University Monterey Bay CSUMB Police Department Vacant
C.A.S.A. Association - Executive Director Vicki Myers 04-25-17
Community Representative Safe Schools At-Large Member
Ken Feske 03-27-01
Community Representative, At-Large Member
Non-Profit Service to Minors Executive Director Turning Point Deborah Carrillo

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