Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission

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Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission


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Legislative Reference:

Created by Resolution No. 86-639, adopted November 18, 1986.
Notice of name change was received on January 3, 2002. Formerly Veteran’s Services Advisory Commission.
10-02-12 Resolution 12-264 Updated Bylaws


Consists of a total of 11 voting members as follows:

Within each supervisorial district, one representative shall be appointed by the district supervisor to represent that district. Appointee must be a veteran, widow of a veteran, spouse of a veteran or the surviving child of a veteran killed or missing in action.


Members shall serve terms of three years, except as hereinafter provided. Terms shall be staggered so that no more than a simple majority of the membership is appointed is appointed each year.

For the purpose of formation, appointments to the first term of two (2) of the Veterans Council members and two (2) of the supervisory district representative shall be for three (3) years, two members from each group shall be two (2) years and two (2) Veterans council Members and one (1) supervisory district representative shall be for one (1) year.

Qualifications & Functions:

All members of the Commission shall reside within Monterey County. No employee of Monterey County shall serve as a voting member of the Commission.

Meeting Date, Time, and Place:

Bi-Monthly, the second Wednesday of the month, at 3:00 p.m., Veterans Transition Center, 220 12th St. Marina CA 93933


Jason Cameron, Military and Veterans Affairs Officer (831) 647-7619

Joseph Farotte Kruchas, Management Analyst III (831) 647-7841

District Name Appointed Expires
1 Sam Daniels 02-05-2019 02-02-2021
2 Richard Garza 12-11-2018 01-01-2022
3 Mark L. Hartunian
4 Hazel Tompkins 01-10-2017 01-01-2020
5 Phillip Butler, PhD 12-10-2019 01-01-2023

United Veterans Council Appointees 

All appointed by Supervisors' Districts 1-5

District Name Appointed Expires
1-5 Robert Lockwood 06-16-2015 01-01-2018
1-5 James Bogan 12-16-2014 01-01-2018
1-5 Daniel Presser 12-06-2016 01-01-2020
1-5 John Gay
04-03-2018 01-01-2020
1-5 Sid Williams 12-06-2016 12-31-2020
1-5 Mary Estrada 12-06-2016 01-01-2020
Non-Voting Member
Supervisor Alejo

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