Goals & Objectives

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The Board and the Public rely on and trust the legal advice provided by the Office of County Counsel and expect a high degree of professional competence and integrity. Quality legal services include an expectation that operative rules and regulations are applied correctly and carefully within the context of the legal and ethical demands on a public lawyer. Consistent with this context and these expectations, we have established the following general goals:

  1. Appreciate and anticipate the dynamic regulatory, legislative, and judicial environments that affect the ability of the County to provide public services to the residents of Monterey County and remain poised to adapt to the changing needs of the County and its residents.
  1. Assist the Board of Supervisors and appropriate County staff in continuing to identify feasible options toward implementing and achieving the goals, policies, and objectives of the Board of Supervisors.
  1. Provide vigorous representation in significant litigation matters involving the County and its various agencies. "Vigorous representation" includes the ability to litigate in a manner which is in the best interest of the Board, but which promotes justice by negotiating effectively, settling reasonably, and being mindful of the expenditure of public funds.
  1. Support and promote basic values by practicing the highest ethical standards of the legal profession.
  1. Monitor and successfully dispose of pending claims involving potential tort liability in a fair and reasonable manner.
  1. Attend all meetings of the Board of Supervisors and other legislative or advisory boards and commissions as needed, and meet with County officials to provide legal advice on proposed programs, policies, and activities.
  1. Review with County staff, legal strategies, opinions, pleadings and correspondence on matters of importance.
  1. Interpret the law in a fair, reasonable, and objective manner which recognizes legal problems or restrictions but which helps the Board identify feasible options and attain its policy goals.
  1. Prepare or review all resolutions, ordinances, and agreements for consideration by the Board of Supervisors and applicable boards and commissions of the County.
  1. Respect the public trust by being courteous to the public and mindful that government does business for the public, while recognizing that our client is the County and its Board of Supervisors and not the general public.
  1. Continue to improve the timeliness of responses to client inquiries and requests for services.