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Last modified on 8/17/18

The County Counsel


Leslie J. Girard,
Acting County Counsel-Risk Manager

Department Head; Risk Manager; Office Supervision; Legal Advisor to the Board of Supervisors, Equal Opportunity Committee, Clerk of the Board, Commission on Disabilities, County Administrative Office, District Attorney, Equal Opportunity Office, Grand Jury, Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District (MBUAPCD), Office Finance Supervision, Safety, Special Projects

Susan K. Blitch,
Senior Deputy County Counsel

Supervising Attorney - Litigation;

Risk Management (Claims), Emergency Medical Services Agency, General Government, General Litigation

Wendy S. Strimling,
Senior Deputy County Counsel

Supervising Attorney - Land Use;
Airport Land Use Commission, Assessment Appeals Board, Board of Supervisors’ Fort Ord Subcommittee, County Fee Resolution, General Plan and Long Range Planning, Historical Review Board, Land Use Advisory Committee, Land Use Fees, Local Coastal Program Update, Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) Office Presentation Coordination, Ordinances/County Code, Planning Commission, Planning Department, Resource Management Agency, Zoning Administrator

Robert I. Brayer,
Deputy County Counsel

Land Use

Anne K. Brereton,
Deputy County Counsel

Natividad Medical Center, Department of Social Services, Office of Emergency Services, Probation

Brian P. Briggs,

Deputy County Counsel

Building Services Department, Code Enforcement, Deferred Compensation Advisory Committee, Economic Development (General Housing), OET, Planning, RMA, Traffic Ordinances 

Annette M. Cutino,
Deputy County Counsel

Child Abuse Prevention Council, Children’s Council, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Dependency

Kelly L. Donlon,
Deputy County Counsel
Board of Supervisors Alternate Energy Committee, Cannabis, Land Use Litigation, Environmental Health, Inclusionary Housing, Parks, Public Records (Land Use), Monterey County Water Resources Agency (WRA), Seaside County Sanitation District, WRA Public Records Requests

Irven L. Grant,
Deputy County Counsel

General Litigation, Office of the Sheriff, Pitchess Motions, Tiffany Motions

Katherine A. Hansen,

Deputy County Counsel

General Government

Janet L. Holmes
Deputy County Counsel

BETA Insurance Employment Cases Oversight, Board of Supervisors Human Resources Committee, Employee Discipline (Hearings, Arbitrations), Employment Law, Employment Merit System Hearings, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Parks Arbitrations, Probation Department Arbitrations, Litigation

William M. Litt,
Deputy County Counsel

Bail Bonds, DSS Subpoenas, Equal Opportunity Advisory Commission, General Litigation, Impact Litigation

Christi McDonald,

Deputy County Counsel

Probate, Public Administrator/Public Guardian

Marina Pantchenko,

Deputy County Counsel

General Government

Mary Grace Perry,
Deputy County Counsel

Agricultural Advisory Committee, Agricultural Commissioner, Cooperative Extension Service, Environmental Health, County Service Areas, Dependent Districts, Franchises, Leases, Land Use Public Records Team, MBUAPCD Hearings, Planning Department, Public Works, Resource Management Agency, General Litigation

Michael R. Philippi,
Deputy County Counsel

Sheriff Public Records

Andrew Price,
Deputy County Counsel 
LPS Conservatorship, Child Protective Services, Juvenile Dependency Court

Kathryn Reimann,

Deputy County Counsel

Transportation Agency for Monterey County

Stacy L. Saetta,
Deputy County Counsel

Health/Behavioral Health, Health and Human Services Board of Supervisors Committee, Natividad Medical Center (NMC), Auditor/Controller

Michael J. Whilden,
Deputy County Counsel

Education, Monterey County Board of Education, Monterey County Committee on School District Organization, Monterey County Superintendent of Schools, Monterey Peninsula Regional Parks District, Spreckels CSD & Memorial District

Support Staff:

Rose Y. Andrada,
Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - Juvenile Dependency, LPS Conservatorships, General Government

Diana Cato,
Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - General Government and General Litigation

Glenda S. Edwards,
Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - Probate, General Government, Land Use

Anahi Gomez,

Principal Office Assistant

 Front Desk Reception, Data Entry, Clerical Support

Cassandra Gonzales,

Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - Land Use, General Litigation

Laura Guillen,

Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - General Government

Sandra Ontiveros,
Management Analyst

Supervising Manager - Legal Support, Closed Session, Civil Grand Jury, Special Projects, Administrative Support to County Counsel

Lynda M. Rogers,

Management Analyst

Budget, Payroll, Accounting, Finance, Information Technology

Valerie Shapton,

Finance Manager

Risk/Finance, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Internal Service Funds, Claim/Data Analysis and Reporting, Office Finance Management

Dolores Villa,
Legal Secretary - Confidential

Legal Support - General Litigation, Labor & Employment, Land Use

Risk Management:

Satinder Kaur,

Senior Risk & Benefits Analyst

Insurance, Contract Review, Special Projects

Cecilia Merillana,

Management Analyst III

Tort Claims, Special Projects

Kari Picoli,

Senior Secretary

Risk/Insurance Support, Tort Claims Admin Support, Ergonomic Procurements and Administration Support 

Nancy Rice,

Workers' Compensation Manager

Oversight of Worker's Compensation Program

Carmen Rosales,

Ergonomic Management Specialist

Ergonomics Assistant, Ergonomics Scheduler and Training Coordinator

Maria Sandoval,
Safety Officer


County Safety Officer; Safety, Loss Control, Safety Policy, Ergonomics Program, County/OSHA Liaison, Incident Investigation, Reporting and Training
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