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Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions our office receives. Please take a moment to browse through these questions. Perhaps you'll find the answer you seek...or you'll learn something which can help another.

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • I would like to receive child support. Does the District Attorney’s Office help to begin this process?

  • I want a restraining order to keep my spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or other person away from me. Will the D.A.'s Office do this for me?

  • How do I file a domestic violence complaint with your office?

  • Can the District Attorney’s Office assist me in adopting a child?

  • Does the District Attorney’s Office handle divorces?

  • Can you help me file a Small Claims Court case against a merchant or someone I have a dispute with?

  • I have a complaint about your office. Who should I contact?

  • If I am a defendant, how do I obtain a copy of the police report?

  • I have a question regarding a letter that Mr. Flippo sent to me. Is he the person that I need to speak to regarding my case?

  • If I was cited and released by a local police agency, how can I find out if the D.A. has filed charges against me?

  • I have been subpoenaed by the District Attorney to appear as a witness in a criminal case. Am I entitled to get witness fees? What if I am unable to attend the court date stated in the subpoena?

  • I am the owner of a business. Can the District Attorney’s Office help me collect on a bad check?

  • I think I may be a victim of fraud. Can the District Attorney's Office help me?

  • If I am the victim of a violent crime will the District Attorney's Office pay for my lost wages and medical expenses? Am I eligible to receive restitution?

  • Can I find out information on a case such as a defendant’s next court date and what charges were filed?

  • Can I drop charges against someone once a report has been made?

  • Can I report a crime to the District Attorney's Office?