Investigation Bureau

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The Monterey County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation consists of 32 full time employees and multiple volunteer interns.  The Bureau of Investigation is managed by Chief Investigator Ryan McGuirk who reports directly to District Attorney Jeannine Pacioni and has overall responsibility for Bureau operations and resource allocation. Chief McGuirk manages the Bureau of Investigation with the assistance of two (2) District Attorney Captains.  In addition to these command staff, the Bureau of Investigation has twenty-four (24) Investigators, six (6) Investigative Aides and several volunteer investigative interns.

District Attorney Investigators are physically located at the District Attorney’s offices located in Salinas and Monterey, as well as at Salinas Valley State Prison and the California Correctional Training Facility in Soledad.

The District Attorney is authorized by the California Constitution and by law to both investigate and prosecute civil and criminal crimes.  The Bureau of Investigation conducts independent investigations at the direction of the District Attorney and provides investigation and trial support for the prosecutorial functions of the Office of the District Attorney.



The mission of the Bureau of Investigation is a two part mission.  The first part is to provide quality and timely support and investigation to the prosecutors of the office.    The second part is to provide timely and quality public service by giving assistance to victims, investigating incidents, apprehending offenders, and seeing that justice is served by uncovering the truth.

District Attorney Investigators work with witnesses and victims of crime directly on cases going to trial.  Many of the  investigators assist prosecutors with follow up investigation and trial preparation. They also investigate and prepare cases in special units for the filing of criminal and civil charges.

Assignments for District Attorney Investigators include:

  • Conducting pre-trial preparation and investigation

  • Conducting civil and criminal investigations as requested by the District Attorney

  • Conducting criminal investigations referred to the District Attorney by the Civil Grand Jury

  • Assisting local law enforcement agencies in major cases as required.

  • Conducting Welfare Fraud Investigations

  • Conducting Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Assisting local law enforcement and prosecutors with forensic computer related investigation

  • Preparing and executing search warrants, arrest warrants and civil process

  • Investigating allegations of governmental misconduct

  • Investigating consumer fraud and environmental crimes

  • Investigating Elder Abuse cases being prosecuted by the D.A.’s office

  • Parental Child Abduction

  • Bad Check Restitution Program

  • Prison Prosecution Unit

  • Certain white collar crimes

  • Locating, serving and transporting witnesses

  • Officer Involved Shootings and In Custody Death Investigations when requested by other law enforcement agencies

  • Family Support criminal matters when requested by Monterey County Department of Child Support Services

District Attorney Investigators are granted full peace officer powers pursuant to 830.1(a) of the California Penal Code.  This means District Attorney Investigators have full powers of arrest and to seek warrants.  Additionally, District Attorney Investigators are granted by statute the power to issue subpoenas on behalf of the prosecuting agency.

The majority of investigators are assigned to specific vertical prosecution units, while others have general criminal or family support assignments. Prosecutors either work directly with the assigned special unit investigators or they request investigative assistance from the pool of general criminal investigators through the Supervising Investigators or Chief Investigator.  This system assures that investigative resources remain available for all Deputy District Attorneys.  The Chief Investigator and Captains allocate investigative resources relative to the priorities of the office.

The District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation staff participate in a number of public service presentations. The typical topics include: Consumer Fraud, Worker's Compensation Fraud, Parental Child Abduction, Bad Check Restitution Program, and Elder Abuse.

The District Attorney provides a representative from the Bureau of Investigation to represent her on the following ongoing projects and work groups:

  • The RAN (automated fingerprint) Council

  • The Child Abuse Prevention Council, Quality Assurance Committee

  • South Bay Regional Public Safety Consortium Law Enforcement Advisory Committee

  • Monterey Peninsula College Administration of Justice Advisory Committee

  • The Monterey County Law Enforcement Administrators Association

  • California District Attorney Investigators Association Zone and Chief Investigator Meetings

  • The California Prison Gang Task Force

  • The High Tech Crime Investigators Association

  • Illness and Injury Prevention Program Safety Board for Monterey County

  • Equal Opportunity Advisory Commission Meetings

  • Preventing Alcohol Related trauma in Salinas (PARTS)

Persons interested in working as volunteer interns within the Bureau of Investigation will find information on our volunteer page or they may call the District Attorney’s Assistant, Sherri Hall, at 831-755-5470 for a volunteer intern application.