Victim/Witness Unit

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Victims' Bill of Rights Act of 2008: "Marsy's Law Handout"
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Marsy's Law Pamphlet: Law Enforcement Distribution
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Victim Witness Assistance

The mission of the Victim/Witness Assistance Program is to provide services to victims/witnesses of all types of crime; reduce the trauma and insensitive treatment that victims/witnesses may experience in the wake of crime; improve the criminal justice system’s understanding of the needs of victims and witnesses and empower victims to participate in the administration of justice; educate law enforcement officials and all other criminal justice personnel, to the needs of victims; assure that victims as witnesses are informed of the progress of the case in which they are involved; empower victims to recover from the effects of crimes through crisis intervention and related support services; provide assistance to victims of crime in applying for state compensation and in seeking restitution.



Notification of inmate status: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR)

"Request for Victim Services Form 1707":
CDCR Victim Services Webpage:

For any and all Domestic Violence related questions, please visit the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council web site.

Still have questions? Contact Pamela Patterson, Victim/Witness Assistance Program Manager by calling (831) 755-5072 or via email.

Programs and Services
A Victim Assistance Advocate will speak with you and determine how we can assist you. Program services are provided free of charge and there is no legal citizenship requirement to receive assistance.

-Crisis Intervention
-Emergency Assistance
-Resource and Referral Counseling
-Direct Follow-up Counseling
-Property Return Assistance
-Orientation to the Criminal Justice System
-Court Escort/Court Support
-Case Status/Case Disposition Information
-Notification of Family and Friends
-Employer Notification
-CalVCP Application Assistance
-Creditor Intervention
-Child Care Assistance
-Restitution Information
-Witness Notification
-Funeral Arrangement Assistance
-Crime Prevention Information
-Witness Relocation Information
-Temporary Restraining Order Information
-Transportation Assistance
-Court Waiting Area
-Employer Intervention


Referral and Assessment Program

The Program receives case referrals from law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, the Coroner's Office, mortuaries, hospitals, social service agencies, and directly from victims. The victim, or the victim's family, is contacted and an assessment of emergency and long-term needs is conducted.

Victim Witness Office Locations

Salinas Office

Victim Witness Assistance Program #58
142 West Alisal Street, Suite A
Post Office Box 1131
Salinas, California 93902
Phone-(831) 755-5072
Fax-(831) 755-5003