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911 Dispatch Center 

Monterey Counties Emergency Communications Department is equipped with a state of the art computer-aided-dispatch system. Our primary purpose is to receive and process 9-1-1 calls for service and coordinate the response of emergency equipment and personnel.

In support of this critical function, Monterey County had two Communications Centers, one at the Courthouse in Salinas and the other at the Courthouse in the City of Monterey. The Salinas Center went online in 1972 ,and the Monterey Center went online in 1974.

In April of 2004 the two dispatch centers were consolidated into one.

We dispatch for all cities and the unincorporated areas of the County. This includes answering all emergency and non-emergency calls for service, for Police, Fire and Medical assistance. Depending on where the calling party is, some medical and fire calls are transferred elsewhere for dispatch.

County dispatchers handle on average 50,000 emergency and non emergency calls on a monthly basis. In 2005 Emergency Communications handled over 600,000 calls, 200,911 of which were 911 calls.
The average answer time for a call is 6 seconds.
We provide emergency and non-emergency call processing for over 415,000 people in Monterey County. As our community grows so will our needs for these vital services.
The Communications Center has become the driving force in the efforts to improve and increase the level of professionalism in 9-1-1 services.

Features of Monterey County's 9-1-1 System include:

Emergency Service Number - a code which designates each unique combination of public safety service jurisdictions for areas of the County.

Master Street Address Guide - a document prepared by the telephone company and the local coordinator containing an alphabetical list of street names, address ranges, postal communities, and Emergency Service Numbers for each address where a telephone is located.

Selective Routing - each telephone call is routed to the answering point having law enforcement jurisdiction over the location of the calling instrument as reflected by the Emergency Service Number.

Automatic Location Identification - telephone company database information on calling telephone number and location is displayed at each answering point.

Single-Button Transfer - any 9-1-1 telephone call can be transferred by an answering point to any other answering point or to any telephone number at need.

Translation Services - the State of California provides transfer numbers for translation services for 9-1-1 telephone calls in foreign languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese) or via telecommunications devices for the deaf. The Monterey County Dispatch Center subscribes to AT&T Language Line Service, a commercial service providing telephone translation in over 140 languages.