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COVID - 19

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Published on May 01, 2020. Last modified on May 21, 2020


Website Feedback
Website Feedback

April 1, 2020
Updated service reductions and program changes due to COVID-19 from Monterey County Animal Services (MCAS) and Salinas Animal Services (SAS).

Effective April 1st and until further notice, all animals found within the City limits of Salinas and Marina will be temporarily housed at Monterey County Animal Services located at 160 Hitchcock Road in Salinas, which is next door to the current Salinas Animal Shelter.  This temporary move is consistent with continued efforts to consolidate services on a larger level but due to the COVID-19 emergency, opportunities to share resources were identified that allowed for this temporary and immediate move.

Below are specific changes in services for both Monterey County and Salinas Animal Services until further notice. Changes reflect the shared goal to keep people in their homes and carefully limit the number of animals housed on-site so that limited staffing and resources are there for the animals that truly need it. Please know that SAS or MCAS will never turn away a sick or injured animal.

  • Stray Animals
    • Cats – Residents are encouraged strongly to only bring in stray cats who appear to be sick or injured. Cats who appear healthy should remain in place as they likely have a source of food, water and shelter and may be cared for by someone in the neighborhood.
    • Stray Dogs – Shelter services are available for stray dogs, however, the public is encouraged to make every effort to find the owner before contacting the shelter. Such efforts include: emailing Animal Services at animalservices@co.monterey.ca.us with pictures and animal information to post online, utilizing social media outlets such as Facebook, Craigslist and NextDoor and registering a found pet on www.findingrover.com.
      • To speak to someone regarding a stray animal found in the City limits of Salinas, please contact an Animal Control Officer at 831-758-7048 Monday – Friday 8-4pm.
      • To speak to someone regarding a stray animal found in the unincorporated areas of Monterey County, please contact Field Services at 831-769-8856 Monday-Friday 8-5pm.
  • Kittens – Mating season will soon begin as the weather warms.Litters of kittens should only be brought to the shelter whose mother has not returned for them after 6-8 hours – please watch and wait from a distance.Mothers often leave kittens in order to hunt for food and they expect to return to their kittens. Please do not remove kittens if not absolutely necessary. (Ref. Dr. Kate Hurley, Program Director – Koret Shelter Medicine Program - University of Davis)
  • Lost pet pick-up:Those who need to reclaim their pet that has been taken to the shelter are asked to call ahead Tuesday-Saturday at (831) 769-8850 and be prepared to bring proof of ownership. To view all animals in the shelter, please see www.mtyhd.org/pets.


  • Animal Control Officers (ACOs) will continue to respond to public safety and animal welfare calls, but less urgent calls will be deferred until further notice.All ACOs will attempt to return found animals to their owners. ACOs will be donning Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during all interactions with the public.
    • For emergency animal calls within the City of Salinas, please call 831-758-7321 Monday- Friday 8-4pm.
    • For emergency animal calls within the unincorporated areas of Monterey County, please call 831-769-8856 Monday – Friday 8-5pm.
  • Community Cat public spay/neuter services are suspended.
  • All public and community outreach events are cancelled.


  • Volunteer program: The SAS/MCAS shared on-site volunteer program, including new volunteer orientations are suspended.
  • Emergency Foster Care: Approved emergency foster homes are being sought for animals that have been determined to be suitable for this program.
  • Dog license programs continue to be separate depending on where you live, however, there are no in-person or phone services available at this time.
    • City of Salinas dog licenses can only be processed via the website at www.salinasanimals.com or be mailed to 222 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas, Ca 93901.
    • County of Monterey dog licenses can be processed via U.S.mail. Payment should be sent to Monterey County Animal Services, 160 Hitchcock Road, Salinas, CA 93908.

Both shelters on Hitchcock Road are committed to ensuring that the highest quality of care is provided to our animals. Our combined team of highly dedicated staff are on-site to feed, clean, and care for all animals at the shelter each day. Staff also provide enrichment activities as well as medical care as needed.

We continue our commitment to saving animals' lives and reuniting lost pets with their families.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call (831) 769-8850  or visit www.mtyhd.org/animalservices.


Monterey County Animal Services
Animal Control:
Salinas Animal Services
Animal Control: 831-758-7321

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