Interperter/Translation Guide

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Please follow these steps to access the Language Line:
All MCBH staff members have access to the Language Line 1-(800) 874-9426 to help assess the individual’s needs. Remember that when helping the individual, it is your responsibility to make a risk assessment to ensure the person is not in imminent danger.
When a client is in the OFFICE:
If you are calling from your OFFICE and the client is present with you, you can use the speaker phone function and follow the directions below.
interpreting-translation-image3 interpreting-translation-image4
When a client is on the TELEPHONE:
You will need to use the conference feature on your telephone to complete the call.
To initiate a conference call:
  • After the first connection has been made (or your client is holding on the line), press “Inquiry” or “Access 1” or “Access 2” button to begin the second call.
  • Dial the number or the extension of the person/party you want to add the conference call.
    • NOTE: if you are unable to reach the party, Press C (located below the number pad which will hang up the second call.
    • Return to the original call by pressing the flashing line key.interpreting-translation-image5
  • Once the second party answers, press the Number 3 button on your dial pad and the conference call is established. All three parties will be connected.
  • To add another party to the conference call, press the “Access 1 or 2” or the “Inquiry” button and follow the above process.
  • You can add up to seven (7) parties to your conference call.
To initiate an outbound call with a client:
  1. Dial AT&T Language Line at 1-800-874-9426
  2. enter Client ID: 201763
Provide the Language Line representative the following information:
  1. Client ID
  2. Organization: Monterey County Health Department: Behavioral Health
  3. Personal Code: your last name or your 5 digit employee number
  4. Language being requested
You will need to wait for the Answer Point to conference in your interpreter. Brief your interpreter on the nature of the Call. Summarize what you want to accomplish and give any special instructions.
Please follow these steps to access indigenous interpreting services:
Languages include: Mixteco, Triqui, Zapoteco, Chatino, Kanjobal, Amuzgo, Náhuatl, Tarasco, Purépecha, Tlapaneco, Yucateco Maya, Mam, K’iché (Quiché), Mixe + more.
  1. Complete the electronic Interpreter Request Form
  2. Insert the following information in the specific sections of the form.
(Top of the Form)interpreting-translation-image6 (Bottom of the Form) interpreting-translation-image7
3. Submit completed Interpreter Request Form via or fax:
To check the status of your request contact:
Judith Pacheco Phone: (831) 755 4187
explanation of services explanation of services explanation of services explanation of services
Please follow these steps to access interpretation services from the Master List below:
Step 1: Clinical staff or Supervising PSR will directly schedule interpretation/translation services
Step 2: Send e-mail to Monterey County Health Department Bureau Finance Department ( advising of intent to use interpreter from the Master List below. The body of the email should contain: Date scheduled AND name of chosen Vendor.
Step 3: Ana Landa, will keep the e-mail and it will serve as confirmation that BH staff requested the service. Additionally, if no invoice is received within a reasonable period of time, Ana can make contact with the vendor to track down the invoice.
Central Coast Sign Language Interpreters (code: MA, ID: *49)
Phone: (831) 297-4321 Fax: (831) 757-7086
  • Provides sign language only
Key Lingo Translations (co: MA, ID: *97)
Phone: (925) 478-8384
  • Provides translation & interpretation services for all departments
Language Quest (code: MA, ID: *50)
Phone: 831-277-2573 Fax: 831-304-5141
  • Provides translation services for all departments
Monterey County Interpreting Services (code: MA, ID: *98)
Phone: (831) 422-5288 Fax: (831) 422-5217
Contact: Olivia Wilson  
  • Provides translation & interpretation services for all departments, including designated services.
Medialocate USA, Inc. (code: MA, ID: *51)
Phone: (831) 655-7500 or (800) 776-0857 Fax: (831) 655-7515
  • Provides translation & interpretation services for all departments
Norma Alvarez (code: MA, ID: *84)
Phone: (770) 521-2316
  • Provides designated services for Elections Dept. only
Richard Schneider Enterprises, Inc. (code: MA, ID: *52)
Phone: (831) 622-0554 or (800) 500-5808 Fax: (831) 622-0524
  • Provides translation & interpretation services for all departments, including designated services for Elections Dept.