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Paramedic Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions

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Published on November 15, 2016. Last modified on January 30, 2020

Paramedic Training Courses

You can locate paramedic training programs here

There are currently no paramedic training programs in operation in Monterey County.

Paramedic Licensure

Licensure as a paramedic is provided through the California EMS Authority. Go to their Paramedic Licensure web page for information on obtaining a paramedic license.

Paramedic Accreditation

Accreditation is the authorization for a paramedic to use their scope of practice while functioning as part of the Monterey County EMS system. Having a paramedic license, without accreditation, does not allow a paramedic to perform paramedic skills and services.

Accreditation starts with having a current and valid paramedic license. To receive accreditation, the paramedic must be affiliated (employed) with a Monterey County paramedic service provider. In addition to any employment requirements from the paramedic service provider, the paramedic will need to successfully complete a policy and protocol test, be oriented to the Monterey County EMS system, and successfully demonstrate use of Monterey County policies and protocols on no more than 10 ALS patient contacts.
,br> Once these requirements have been met, the paramedic will submit an application for accreditation through their employer to the Monterey County EMS Agency. The paramedic will complete the first page of the application and an authorized representative of the paramedic service provider will complete the second page to document that the requirements for accreditation have been met.

Yes. Current and valid ACLS and CPR cards are required for paramedic accreditation. A legible copy of these cards are required to be submitted with the application.

Yes. A current and valid PHTLS, ITLS, or equivalent trauma training certificate is required. PALS, PEPP, or equivalent pediatric training certificate is required. A legible copy of these cards are required to be submitted with the application. The EMS Agency also requests a copy of a government issued photo ID such as a driver license.

The Monterey County EMS Agency does not provide an accreditation card. You will receive a letter of accreditation by e-mail with a cc to your employer.

No. You do not have to complete the Live Scan criminal background process for paramedic accreditation.

There is no fee to the Monterey County EMS Agency for paramedic accreditation at this time.

The accreditation test (policy and protocol exam) is performed by the paramedic service provider at this time.

Maybe. A field evaluation of up to ten (10) ALS patient contacts is required. However, if the paramedic completed their paramedic internship with a Monterey County EMS service provider within the six (6) months prior to applying for accreditation, this requirement is waived.

Accreditation expires with expiration of the paramedic license.

Continued Accreditation

First, maintain paramedic licensure and continued employment with an approved paramedic service provider.

Monterey County EMS Policy requires the paramedic to submit an application for continued accreditation and copies of the ACLS, CPR, trauma, and pediatric training cards. A copy of the new paramedic license is required to demonstrate continued licensure. A driver license or other government issued photo ID is also requested.

Monterey County EMS Policy also requires the paramedic to complete the annual skills maintenance and policy review requirement found in Policy 2050 Paramedic Accreditation Renewal and Policy 6090 Annual Skills Maintenance Verification and Policy Review.

The best way to avoid this is to submit your application for continued paramedic licensure more than 30 days prior to expiration of your paramedic license.

If you have not received your new paramedic license and it is three (3) business days prior to expiration of the current license, please contact the EMS Agency. Your employer should submit the application packet with all requirements except the new paramedic license. EMS Agency staff will attempt to verify that the paramedic license has been renewed through the Central Registry. Accreditation may be provided if licensure is verified through the Central Registry.

Miscellaneous Questions

No. Your accreditation is connected to your employment with a paramedic service provider. Accreditation does not extend to time with another employer/organization or while working in a non-paramedic assignment.