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EMS Agency Updates and Notices

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Published on November 30, 2017. Last modified on May 13, 2020

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CoVID questions modifications at EMS Communications

CoVID questions modifications at EMS Communications The EMS Agency has made modifications to the Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) tool at EMS Communication’s. We will no longer be asking travel related questions, although we will still focus questions on exposure and symptoms. In addition, the EMD’s now have a phrase to instruct personnel on scene to move the patient closer to the door or nearest exit if safe to do so to minimize potential exposure. Review
Airway modifications and Considerations The EMS Agency Medical Director has issued modified airway management considerations and guidance using plastic protective shields during airway management. Review
Waivers and deferrals to EMT certification and paramedic accreditation expirations Certain waivers and extensions to expiration dates related to EMT certification/recertification and paramedic accreditation have been enacted due to the CoVID situation. Review
CoVID screening question at dispatch All medical and all non-medical calls at 911 are being screened for CoVID related symptoms and exposure. Review
EMS Agency Recommendations for Alternative PPE use and Alternative First Response to EMS Calls The EMS Agency has provided guidance and recommendations for the alternative use and reuse of some PPE as well as considerations for reduction or the temporary reduction or elimination of first responder response to specific low acuity calls. Review
PPE Burn Rate Tool
PPE “Burn Rate” Excel tool. Review
EMS Agency Medical Director Updates
EMS Agency Medical Director updates to non-transports, respiratory clinical care, and early ring downs Review
EMS Provider Personnel Exposure Procedure Guidance
The EMS Agency has provided EMS responder exposure guidance Review
Requirement for UO submission for Late ePCR is temporarily suspended
The EMS Agency is suspending the requirement that paramedics, EMT's, or first responders submit an Unusual Occurrence (UO) Report for late ePCR submission under EMS Policy 6180. This action only applies to late ePCR submissions. All other Unusual Occurrences (UO) requirements shall remain in effect. Review
Mail in only EMT applications
The EMS Agency is restricted from allowing visitors until further notice. Please mail in all correspondence and applications until further notice. Review
EMS System PPE Resource Request Update
The EMS Agency and MHOAC have established a resource request process for EMS participants to use if PPE equipment is needed. Review
CoVid-19 EMS Portal
The EMS Agency has provided information to all stakeholders on an Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) EMS Information Portal. Review
EMS Agency CoVid-19 Updates to pre hospital Clinical Care, Infection Control, and Decon.
EMS Agency has provided the latest information and guidelines for prehospital clinical care, infection control, and decon procedures. Review
PPE Resource Request through the MHOAC
The EMS Agency has provided a mechanism and process for requesting any pre hospital PPE from the local Public Health Department and the State for first responders or ambulance providers through the EMS Agency Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator Review
CoVid-19 Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) Tool
The EMS Agency has implemented the CoVid-19 Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) Tool at the EMS Communication Center using the Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS) to screen for travel and exposure related to the CoVid-19 situation. Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) will be relaying any travel or exposure information to responders before they arrive on scene. EMS System memo attached. Review
Ambulance Contract Extension with Amendments
On January 14, 2020, the Board of Supervisors approved an amendment to the current ambulance agreement to:
  1. Extend the agreement for two years to January 31, 2022
  2. Allows the use of Basic Life Support (BLS) interfacility transports for both inside and outside the County as deemed medically appropriate. This frees up Advanced Life Support (paramedic ALS) ambulances for emergencies.
  3. Allows better flexibility to staff large Monterey County special events with both fire-based Monterey County ambulance as well as outside ambulance resources as needed.

Improvement to the EMS System
The EMS Agency has implemented new expanded basic scope provisions for EMT with the following impact to the EMS System:
  1. The Monterey County EMS Agency approved County wide EMT Basic Scope expansion to include allowing EMT administration of Naloxone, the lifesaving antidote to narcotic overdoses, and performance of blood glucose checks on scene.

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