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AB 2524 Catering and Host Facilities

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Published on March 25, 2019. Last modified on September 09, 2019

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AB 2524 Catering and Host Facilities

What is a Catering Operation?

“Catering operation” means a food service that is conducted by a permanent food facility approved for food preparation where food is served, or limited food preparation is conducted, at a location other than its permitted location, in either of the following circumstances:

  • As part of a contracted offsite food service event.
  • When operating in conjunction with a host facility with direct food sales.

Catering Operation Requirements

  • Complete and submit an application form
  • Have a commissary authorization
  • Submit to the enforcement agency written standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Equipment used for food preparation or transportation shall be approved by Health Department
  • Provide menus list
  • Obtain one food safety manager certification and food handler certification for food manipulators.
  • Records for its offsite food services activities with specified information.
Caterers do not need a permit from Health Department for private events.

What is a Host Facility?

“ Host facility “ means a facility located in a brewery , winery, commercial building or other location approved by the Health Department that can operate in conjunction with a catering food facility.

Host Facility Requirements

  • A permit application shall be submitted to the Health department.
  • Submit standard operation procedure for the food operation (SOP).
  • Provide potable hot and cold water.
  • Provide mop sink or janitorial sink .
  • Electricity to power portable mechanical refrigeration equipment.
  • A commercial, permanent restroom located no more than 200 feet from the area where the caterer serves.
  • Host facility would be subject to the plan check requirements and an annual inspection.
  • Provide specifications of equipment that will be used to support the catering operation.

Additional Resources

For more information contact Monterey County Health, Environmental Health Bureau
1270 Natividad Rd
Salinas, CA 93906
(831) 755-4505
health@co.monterey.ca.us or www.mtyhd.org/eh