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Community Events

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Published on May 02, 2017. Last modified on March 22, 2020

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A (TTF) Temporary Food Facility is any individual, group, or organization intending to sell, sample or give away food to the public from a fixed location for a limited period of time, not to exceed 25 days in a 90-day period, in conjunction with a community event.

Please note, Public events need a permit. Private events do not.  See below for a definition of a Private vs Public event.

Community Public Event
The California Retail Food Code states a Community Event means an event that is unrestricted to the general public, it may be educational in nature (including fairs, festivals, circuses) or it may be one of a civic, political, or public nature. Also includes any other public gathering events approved by the local enforcement agency. An event is considered public and requires a Temporary Health Permit to Operate if the following describes the event:
  • There is no cost to attend the Event or a ticket/pass can be purchased by anyone.
  • Event is advertised through social media, online, on the radio or TV, in the newspaper, and on a billboard.
  • People would attend the event either by the advertisement of the event, their interest or involvement in the trade or topic.
Private Event
A private event is one that does not require a Temporary Health Permit to Operate if the following specifications are met:
  • Event is held for a private club, corporation, group and is by invitation only.
  • Invitees need eligibility to attend, such as a professional certificate or license for the profession (e.g. Lawyers, doctors, chiropractor, teachers, plumbers).

Important Deadlines for Special Event Permits

10 Days or More Prior to the Event: All completed applications and fees must be received from the event organizer.

Obtaining a Permit

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MCHD will give initial approval for the event upon receipt of the following items:

  • Completed Sponsor Organizer Application (pdf), organizer is responsible for submitting total payment
  • Completed TFF and MFF Concessionaire Application (pdf) for each Temporary Food Facility and Mobile Food Facility.
  • Site map (indicating temporary food facilities, mobile food facilities, restroom locations, and grey water disposal)
  • List of Temporary Food Facilities (indicate multiple booths) and Mobile Food Facilities. Please be sure the facilities have completed the entirety of their concessionaire applications.
  • Make an appointment with your local office.


MCHD staff will calculate the fees during the meeting so please bring check, cash or credit card (3% fee) for associated fees.

After completion, it is optional to schedule an appointment with MCHD to meet and discuss the event, review the application packet, and complete associated fees at least 10 days prior to the event.

Please send any other correspondences to any of the following offices:

Salinas Office
Environmental Services
Attn: Temporary Events Program
1270 Natividad Road
Salinas, CA 93906
Telephone:(831) 755-4505
Monterey Office
Environmental Services
Attn: Temporary Events Program
1200 Aguajito Road, Suite 007
Monterey, CA 93940
Telephone: (831) 647-7654
King City Office
Environmental Services
Attn: Temporary Events Program
200 Broadway St., Ste. 70
King City, CA 93930
Telephone:(831) 386-6899


Temporary Food Facilities at Special Events

Each TFF is required to fall under the permit obtained by the Sponsor coordinating the event. The sponsor is responsible for compliance at each event as well as the timely submission of all applications, fees and site plan. To help calculate the total fees due, review the fee worksheet (pdf).

Temporary Food Facilities at Farmers Markets

TFFs at farmers markets must also obtain a permit to operate under an umbrella Temporary Event Permit for the market. The Farmers' Market Manager is responsible for obtaining the Temporary Event Permit for all TFFs. The Health Department cannot accept applications for the Temp Event Permits from individual TFFs. To help calculate the total fees due, review the Farmers' Market Fee Worksheet (Can be found on the TFF Application).

Hepatitis A & Food Safety at Special Events

Looking for information about Hepatitis A & Food Safety? Check out this page for helpful information on hand-washing and disinfection procedures for employees.

Related Agencies

Other permits or approvals may be required by the following agencies for temporary food facilities.

Contact your local authority for Public works, Fire and Police approval. Unincorporated areas contact RMA.


Forms & Applications



    Document Description

    Commissary Authorization Form

    Form for MMF (Mobile Food facility) to show commissary authorization)
    Event Organizer Packet Application Monterey County Health Department Temporary Food Facilty (TFF) permits Checklist. To be submitted with application and fees.
    Non-Profit Event Organizer Packet Application
    Monterey County Health Department Temporary Food Facilty (TFF) permits Checklist for Non-Profits. To be submitted with application and fees.
    Non Profit Fee Exemption Request Non profit charitable organizations are entitled to 4 fee exemptions per year for fund raising events that do not exceed 72 hours each. To apply for fee exemption please submit the request on your organizations letterhead at least 10 business days prior to event using this form.
    Temporary Food Facility Application Packet Packet and Application for use by Temporary Food Faculties
    TFF Application (Participant Checklist & Application) Application & Checklist for use by Temporary Food Faculties



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