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Public Water Systems

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Published on March 14, 2017. Last modified on September 13, 2019

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Public Water Systems

Public Water System – (California Health and Safety Code (CH&SC), Division 104, Part 12, Chapter 4 (California Safe Drinking Water Act), Article 1, Section 116275(h)) -a system for the provision of water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances that has 15 or more service connections or regularly serves at least 25 individuals daily at least 60 days out of the year. Public Water Systems* include the following water system sub-classifications:
  1. 112 – Community Water System – Serves drinking water to at least 15 connections used by yearlong residents or regularly serves at least 25 yearlong residents (i.e., subdivisions, apartments, employee housing, etc).
  2. 1130 – Nontransient Noncommunity – Serves drinking water to at least the same 25 persons over 6 months per year, but does not meet the requirements of a community water system. (i.e., businesses, schools, etc).
  3. 1030 – Transient Noncommunity – Serves drinking water to at least 25 individuals daily (same or different people) at least 60 days out of the year, but does not meet the requirements of a community or nontransient noncommunity water system (i.e., small business with less than 25 employees, restaurants, parks, campgrounds, etc)

* Individuals count towards user if they have access to the water (i.e., restrooms, break-rooms) whether they use it or not.

Monterey County has a delegation agreement with the State Water Board to regulate public water systems that serve less than 200 connections. Systems with more than 200 connections are regulated by the State Water Board.


Map Description

Public Water Systems

Monterey County public water systems to include Community Water systems, Transient Noncommunity, and Nontransient Concommunity


Form Description

Public Water Systems Service List

Use this list to look the up the name of the water system that an address or parcel is connected to – list is currently being updated

Bacteria Sample Siting Plan

The Bacteria Sample Siting Plan Form

Operations and Maintenance Plan

Form for creating a Operations and Maintenance Plan

Connection List

Blank form for water system connection list

Emergency Notification Plan

A form for creating a Water Quality Emergency Notification Plan

List of Operators and Laboratories

List of operating and sampling services with whom Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau, (MCHD, EHB) has recently worked. The list may not be complete and should only be used as a guide.

List of Engineering Firms

A partial list of engineering firms with whom Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau, (MCHD, EHB) has recently worked. The list is not complete and should only be used as a guide in starting the search for an engineering firm.

Nitrate FAQs

FAQs About Nitrates in Drinking Water

Arsenic FAQs

FAQs About Arsenic in Drinking Water

Guidelines For Water System Plans

List of guidelines for water system plans.

Cross-Connections for Community

PDF Form for Cross-Connection Control for Community Water Systems

Cross-Connections for NonCommunity

PDF Form for Cross-Connection Control for Noncommunity Water Systems

Cross-Connection Control Survey

A short survey to help protect your water system and identify potential hazardous cross-connections.

Cross-Connection Survey Summary Form - Community

A summary form for community water systems to document cross-connections and potential hazards.


Document Description
Permit Instructions
The information presented in this document is to assist and guide persons that are or will be establishing a new public water system, including State Small Systems that expand beyond the 14-service connection limit. The State water supply permit is a one-time permit that is issued prior to the operation of a drinking water system. If various changes are made to the water system such as a change of ownership or a change in the treatment of the water, the initial permit must be amended to allow the change to occur

Permit Application

Application for Domestic Water Supply Permit
TMF (Technical, Managerial, and Financial Capacity) Requirements Supporting Documentation that must be submitted with Permit Application
Permit Amendment Application Application for Domestic Water Supply Permit Amendment
Preliminary Technical Report Guidance As of January 1, 2017, Senate Bill 1263 requires new public water system applicants to prepare a Preliminary Technical Report for review and acceptance by the State Water Resource Board at least 6 months prior to any water related construction.
SB 1263-FAQ’s In January 2017, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Board), Division of Drinking Water (DDW) sent out a summary of Senate Bill 1263 (SB 1263), effective January 1, 2017, to planning departments, environmental health departments and local area formation commissions in each California County. SB 1263 amended section 116540 and added section 116527 to the California Health and Safety Code (CHSC) and added section 106.4 to the Water Code.

Additional Resources - For Public Water Systems

The state website for public water systems is waterboards.ca.gov

State Board Drinking Water Homepage

You can find additional information from the State Water Board Here.

 Water Quality

The new link for water quality for public water systems is: Here.

Electronic Annual Report

The Electronic Annual Report  is required to be submitted by all public water systems: Click here!

Consumer Confidence Reports

Consumer Confidence reports are also required for all community and nontransient-noncommunity systems: Click here for more information.


State Regulations: California Drinking Water-Related Laws

Tech Briefs

Click Here for Tech Briefs. "Tech Briefs" are four-page fact sheets included in On Tap magazine produced by the National Environmental Services Center (NESC). Each fact sheet provides concise, technical information about a drinking water treatment technology or issue relevant to small systems. "Tech Briefs" are written for drinking water professionals, particularly small system operators. Tables and descriptive illustrations are provided, as well as sources for more information

Geotracker - find out about nearby contamination

Geotracker is a great tool for all systems and well contractors who want to know about nearby contamination: Click onGeotracker to start your search.


Public Water Systems and Land Use Entitlements: Understanding Consolidation and Compliance Objectives

Click here to learn more about the requirements that new or existing public water systems will need to meet in order to be considered a viable source for land use entitlement applications.

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