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  • Beach Advisory Lifted: Lovers Point Beach, Pacific Grove

    Lovers Point Beach was posted with an advisory due to high indicator bacteria found in samples taken 9/26/2019. Follow up samples reveal that bacteria counts are at levels considered safe for recreational contact.

    9/20/2019 12:00:00 PM

  • National Food Safety Education Month - Food Safety Conference

    In recognition of September being designated as National Food Safety Education Month, the Environmental Health Bureau of the Monterey County Health Department announced today the recipients of its Award of Excellence, a highlight of the Monterey County Health Department’s Gold Seal program for retai

    9/18/2019 1:00:00 PM

  • 30th Annual Celebration of Culture and Language

    The Annual Celebration of Culture & Language by the Latino Network of Monterey County is Wednesday, September 25th. This year’s main speaker is former Major League Baseball player, Ernesto “Ernie” Camacho. He has returned to his roots in Salinas & established a foundation to encourage Salinas Youth.



SB 252

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Published on May 02, 2018. Last modified on April 19, 2019

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SB 252 Well Requirements

New proposed wells located in the 180/400 Foot Aquifier Subbasin, which has been designated by DWR as a critically overdrafted basin, are subjected to the requirements of SB-252. As such, the applicants must provide the following information as part of the well application, in addition to what has already been submitted to the County's application form:

  •  A map of the location including global positioning system coordinates and elevation of the proposed well.
  • The proposed capacity, estimated pumping rate, anticipated pumping schedule, and estimated annual extraction volume of the well.
  • Geologic siting information including, but not limited to, water table depth, seasonal fluctuations, recharge area and rate, if known, and location to floodplain.
  • Distance from ponds, lakes, and streams within 300 feet.
  • Estimated cumulative extraction volume before January 1, 2020.
  • the size in acres of area to be served by the well.

See forms & maps below for additional information

SB-252 FAQs

SB-252 does not apply to any of the following:
  1. New water wells for de minimis extractors, meaning that if the applicant demonstrates that the well will extract less than two acre-feet of water per year, the items listed above are not applicable.
  2. Replacement Water Wells that would not increase the amount of extractions above the amount of water extracted from the existing well.
  3. A city or county with a process for the issuance of a well permit that substantially complies with the requirements of SB 252.
  4. A new water well that is not located  within a critically over-drafted basin.
  5. A new water well located within an area subject to a groundwater sustainability plan.
  6. A public agency that substantially meets or exceeds the requirements of this article through another requirement of law.
  7. A city or county municipal well to provide water supply solely for residents of the city or county.

Current Applications subjected to SB-252

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Application Permit # Date Zone Type PDF
18-12951 2-20-18 North New ag well Download
18-12964 2-21-18 North Replacement ag well Download
18-12973 3-7-18 South Domestic Download
17-12933 3-19-18 North Replacement ag well Download
18-12982 4-6-18 North Replacement ag well Download
18-12983 4-6-18 North Replacement ag well Download
18-12984 4-6-18 North Replacement ag well Download
18-12994 5-5-18 South New well Download
18-13019 6-4-18 North New well Download
18-13043 7-17-18 North Replacement well Download
118-13053 8/15/18 North New Ag. Well Download
18-13059 824/18 North Replacement Domestic well Download
18-13060 8/24/18 North Replacement Ag. Well Download
18-13070 10/3/18 South New Agricultural Irrigation well Download
18-13073 10/3/18 North Replacement Ag. Well Download
new19-13125 (New Listing) 3/1/19 North Agricultural Irrigation Download

Forms & Maps