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State Code and Local Ordinances - Domestic Animals

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Published on November 15, 2016. Last modified on April 06, 2017

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Animal Related Codes

For a complete listing of Title 8, Animal Control Codes, please click here:  


All dogs and cats over 4 months of age MUST be vaccinated against the rabies virus and dogs MUST be licensed (cat licenses are voluntary). MCC 8.08.010 & 8.08.030

  • You have 30 days to obtain a license before a late fine is issued if you recently moved to Monterey County, your dog has reached 4 months of age, your current license has expired, or you have acquired a new dog.

Running at Large
Dogs are not permitted to run at--large within the unincorporated territory of Monterey County at any time. MCC 8.20.010

  • If the dog is found at large where livestock are kept, the violation is a misdemeanor. MCC 8.20.010B
  • If the dog is found at large and has injured or killed livestock, the dog owner, upon conviction, may be found liable for any losses found by the owner of the livestock. MCC 8.20.010C
  • Dogs not confined on your property or leashed in public areas may be seized and impounded if found in violation of this code. MCC 8.28.010

Animals cannot be kept, maintained or permitted if, by any sound or cry, they disturb the peace and comfort of any neighborhood. MCC 8.36.010

Dog Feces
If your dog or a dog in your control or custody defecates on any public or private property, it is your responsibility to clean it up! MCC 8.36.030

It is a misdemeanor if you abandon your animal, being defined as an act where an owner, driver, or possessor of an animal intentionally leaves an animal without provisions for ongoing care and attention. MCC 8.44.010

Female Dogs and Cats in Season
If your female dog or cat is in season (in heat), you must confine the animal within an appropriate enclosure as to prevent their escape or access to them resulting in an accidental breeding. MCC 8.20.030

If you breed any cat or dog more than once per calendar year or maintain more than two litters per calendar year, you are considered a kennel and must obtain a Breeder/Kennel permit. MCC 8.04.010

Hit and Run
It is unlawful to fail to render assistance or call for assistance after knowingly hitting a deer, other wildlife, or a domestic animal with a motorized vehicle on public property. MCC 8.44.050

Feeding of Wildlife
Feeding wildlife in any way is not permitted, with the exception of a bird feeder in the yard. MCC 8.42.012