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  • Beach Advisory: Lovers Point
    Beach Advisory: Lovers Point

    : Lovers Point Beach, Pacific Grove, has been posted with an advisory due to high indicator bacteria found in samples taken 5/23/2018. The beach will remain posted until samples indicate that indicator bacteria are at a safe level for recreational water contact according to state guidelines.

    05/24/2018 3:15 PM

  • Monterey County Health Department receives National Accredtiation
    Monterey County Health Department receives National Accredtiation

    Monterey County Health Department announced today that it has achieved national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). Monterey County Health Department is now one of 226 state and local health departments that have achieved accreditation through the national effort that launched in 2011. Only 11 of these are located in California.

    05/23/2018 4:06 PM

  • Do Theething Babies Need Medicine on Their Gums? No

    Teething is a normal part of childhood and should not be treated with homeopathic remedies, like teething tablets, or prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications that are rubbed on the gum


  • Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Reductions in Medical Services

    The Board of Supervisors of the County of Monterey will conduct a public hearing, pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 1442.5 (Beilenson Act), on the proposed elimination of and/or proposed reduction in the level of medical services provided by the County. The Beilenson hearing will be held Tuesday, June 5, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers, 168 West Alisal St. 1st Floor, Salinas


  • Remember safe food practices during this holiday weekend

    Picnics and barbecues offer lots of opportunities for outdoor fun with family and friends. But these fun events also present opportunities for foodborne bacteria to thrive. As food heats up in summer temperatures, bacteria multiply rapidly.

    05/21/2018 1:45 PM

  • Monterey County
    Monterey County's new food inspection app

    The Monterey County Health Department Environmental Health Bureau announces the release of a new phone application “MC Food Inspection Findings” available for public use. The new app assists the public in making informed decisions when seeking restaurants and food facilities that meet or exceed food safety standards.


  • Approval received for Local Agency Management Program for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

    The Monterey County Health Department, Environmental Health Bureau (EHB), has received approval of their Local Agency Management Program (LAMP) for Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS, also called septic systems). The LAMP details new regulations and site evaluation requirements that will be applied to any OWTS (septic system) permit issued on or after May 11, 2018.


  • 2017-2018 Investigation Statement by Michael Petrie, EMS Bureau Chief/EMS Director to the Monterey County Emergency Medical Care Committee


  • May is Bicycle Safety Month
    May is Bicycle Safety Month

    With the California weather warming up Monterey County Health Department and the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) are highlighting how bicycling is a great way to stay in shape, save money on gas, reduce pollution and when visiting recreational areas, a great way to see the sights.

    05/01/2018 5:11 PM

  • Annual Quarantine of Sport-Harvested Mussels Begins May 1st
    Annual Quarantine of Sport-Harvested Mussels Begins May 1st

    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has announced the annual quarantine of sport-harvested mussels gathered along the California coast. The quarantine begins May 1 and applies to all species of mussels that are recreationally harvested along the California coast, including all bays and estuaries. The quarantine is in place to protect the public against poisoning that can lead to serious illness, including coma and death.


  • Five Important Reasons to Vaccinate Your Child

    You want to do what is best for your children. You know about the importance of car seats, baby gates and other ways to keep them safe. But, did you know that one of the best ways to protect your children is to make sure they have all of their vaccinations?


  • FDA Orders Mandatory Recall for Kratom Products Due to Risk of Salmonella

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it has issued a mandatory recall order for all food products containing powdered kratom manufactured, processed, packed, or held by Triangle Pharmanaturals LLC, after several were found to contain salmonella. The agency took this action after the company failed to cooperate with the FDA’s request to conduct a voluntary recall. This is the first time the agency has issued a mandatory recall order to protect Americans from contaminated food products.

    04/04/2018 10:29 AM

  • Bayer Issues Recall of Alka-Seltzer Plus® Products

    Bayer is voluntarily recalling Alka-Seltzer Plus® packages that, were sold only in the U.S. at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Kroger (including Dillons Food Stores, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food Stores, Ralphs, King Soopers and Smith’s Food and Drug) after February 9, 2018. The packages can be identified by checking the Bayer logo located on the lower left corner of the front of the carton. If the logo has an orange or green background, the product is included in the recall The affected packages are being recalled because the ingredients on the front sticker may not match the actual product in the carton.