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Immunization Program

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Published on November 09, 2016. Last modified on March 28, 2019

Monterey County Immunization Program

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Contact: Angela Gladstone, RN, PHN

Immunizations (also called “vaccines”) protect the health of our communities by preventing the spread of diseases. The Monterey County Health Department’s Immunization Program aims to assist all Monterey County residents in attaining optimal health through knowledge of and access to immunizations. Are you a parent looking for information about vaccinating your child? A healthcare provider needing the most current vaccine guidelines? Someone interested in getting vaccinated against flu or whooping cough? If so, click on the links below or contact us for assistance.

Immunizations Required for School or Daycare

Please refer to the California Department of Public Health’s:

Parents’ Guide to Immunizations Required for Child Care or Preschool 

Parents’ Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry

Senate Bill 277 went into effect January 1, 2016.  It eliminated the exemption from existing specified immunization requirements based on personal beliefs.  For more information about Senate Bill 277, refer to the Shots for Schools’ Senate Bill 277 Frequently Asked Questions document.


California Law regarding immunization exemption has changed as of January 1, 2016: (SB 277)

  • No longer permit immunization exemptions based on personal beliefs for children in child care and public and private schools;

  • Permit personal belief exemptions submitted before January 1, 2016 to remain valid until a pupil reaches kindergarten or 7th grade;

  • Remove immunization requirements for:

    •  Students in home-based private schools

    • Students enrolled in an independent study program who do not receive classroom-based instruction

    • Access to special education and related services specified in an individualized education program

Students in the above categories will still need to provide immunization records to their schools before entry, and schools will still need to report to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) the immunization status of all students at the existing checkpoints of child care, kindergarten and 7th grade. 

Love them immunize themVaccines for Children Program

The Vaccines for Children Program, established by an act of Congress in 1993, helps families by providing free vaccines to doctors who serve eligible children 0 through 18 years of age. VFC providers can order most routine childhood vaccines. New vaccines, including new combination vaccines approved by the FDA and recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), are also supplied to enrolled providers through the VFC Program.

To be eligible, children must be 18 years of age or younger and meet any one of the following criteria:

  • Eligible for Medi-Cal or Child Health and Disability Program (CHDP)
  • Uninsured
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native

Visit www.eziz.org for more information about the Vaccines for Children Program and other immunization training and resources.

Immunization Schedules

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) website for the most current immunizations schedules: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/

Monterey County Immunization Coalition

The Monterey County Immunization Coalition is a collaborative of professionals who strive to reduce the burden of disease in Monterey County through vaccination.

CAIR Immunization Registry

The California Immunization Registry (CAIR) is a secure, confidential, statewide computerized immunization information system for California residents. To learn more about CAIR, visit their website at http://cairweb.org/

Vaccination Information for Travelers

Protect yourself before you travel.  Make sure your regular immunizations are up-to-date and that you have any special immunizations you might need before visiting international destinations.  Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) website for the most current travel vaccination recommendations: 


Local travel immunization providers include:

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