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The below questions have been developed for the purposes of supporting the Human Resources Emergency Response Manual. The HR Point Person referenced in these questions refers to the Director of Human Resources, Irma Ramirez-Bough and Senior Personnel Analyst, Ariana Hurtado. Questions directed toward the HR Point Person referenced should be forwarded to

Click on the questions below to view answers. For a printable copy of the questions below, please click HERE to download the PDF Frequently Asked Questions.

  • HR COVID-19

    • 1. How should I protect myself in the workplace?

    • 2. Will I be asked to serve as Disaster Service Workers?

    • 3. If I fall into a group considered at higher risk from severe illness from COVID 19 should I report to work?

    • 4. What should I do if I develop flu-like symptoms?

    • 5. If my doctor's office is not available for an appointment, what other alternatives or resources are available?

    • 6. Can my Department require me to stay home if I have symptoms of the COVID-19?

    • 7. Can my department send me home if I am experiencing flu-like symptoms?

    • 8. If I am sent home because I am sick, when can I come back to work?

    • 9. Am I able to call in sick without doctor's note?

    • 10. If my doctor provides a note that I am to be quarantined, is this sufficient notification for my department?

    • 11. If I am sick or showing flu-like symptoms what time off should I use?

    • 12. What leave am I eligible to receive if I am diagnosed with the Coronavirus?

    • 13. If I have to stay home to care for a family member who is sick or showing symptoms what time off can I use?

    • 14. I feel fine but I have been placed on quarantine by the County Health Officer or other government authority and am to stay home. Do I use my accrued sick leave to cover the absence?

    • 15. Who is eligible for Special Paid Leave hours?

    • 16. If my department head designates my job as a mission critical function and I work during the pandemic event, and I get sick after the county has returned to normal operations am I still eligible to use the Special Paid Leave hours?

    • 17. If I am already out on an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) am I eligible for the County’s Special Leave hours?

    • 18. If I am sick or caring for a sick family member and I have run out of leave balances, can I get an advance on my leave hours?

    • 19. Can employees request to work from home during this Pandemic event?

    • 20. What if I am the primary caregiver for my child and the school/daycare has been shut down?

    • 21. Can I file a worker's compensation claim if I am sent home from work?

    • 22. If I am working from home and incur an injury, can I file a worker's compensation claim?

    • 23. If I am classified as Non-Mission Critical Personnel, and sent home with no duties to perform, am I eligible for Unemployment Insurance?

    • 24. If I have COVID-19, can I apply for State Disability Insurance or other disability insurance?

    • 25. Will I be paid?

    • 26. How can I enroll/change/update my direct deposit account from home?

    • 27. I normally receive a paper payroll check, where do I pick it up?

    • 28. Do Special Paid Leave hours count towards overtime?

    • 29. Do essential employees receive any additional compensation or hours for working through the pandemic event?

    • 30. Do I need to code my timesheet differently during the pandemic event?

    • 31. If I have questions and concerns about my deferred compensation plan, who do I call?

    • 32. How can I use my FSA card for incurred expenses?

    • 33. If I am on a modified duty and my position is classified as essential, can my position be changed to non-essential due to my work restrictions?

    • 34. How much information can my department request from me if I call in sick during a pandemic?

    • 35. Can my Department take my temperature during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    • 36. May the County delay the start date of an applicant who has COVID-19 or symptoms?

    • 37. Who is considered a close contact?

    • 38. I came into contact with someone who was in contact with a COVID 19 case. What should I do?

    • 39. I just returned from a Cruise. Should I report to work or stay home?

    • 40. I just returned from travelling abroad, should I report to work or stay home?

    • 41. What to do if you are sick after travel?

    • 42. What should I do if there is a positive COVID 19 case in the workplace?

    • 43. When can an employee who was a COVID 19 case return to work?

    • 44. When can an employee who was a close contact to a COVID 19 case return to work?