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  • Benefits

    • Can I increase my contributions to my CalPERS pension?

    • How can I enroll in AFLAC?

    • How can I enroll in Deferred Compensation aka 457b plan?

    • How do I enroll or make changes to my benefits?

    • How do I know if my doctor is in my network?

    • How do I schedule a retirement appointment?

    • I am recently divorced. Do I have to remove my ex-spouse from my insurance?

    • I have a Voluntary Benefit Policy (EBS plan) but I don’t know what type of policy it is or who to contact.

    • I lost my Flexible Spending Account card. How do I get a new one?

    • When will my medical, dental, and vision coverage start?

    • Who is my Benefit Coordinator?

  • Employment

    • Are there any supplemental questions for the job I am interested in?

    • Can I apply for a job online?

    • Is a résumé required for the job I am interested in?

    • When will continuous and open until filled recruitments actually close?

    • When will I be contacted after I have submitted my employment application?

    • Where can I obtain a typing certificate if the position requires it?

    • Who should I notify if I have changed my address since submitting a Job Interest?

  • Salary Schedule & Class Specifications

    • Where can I find the Class Specification for a specific Job Position?

    • Where can I find the Salary Schedule for a specific Job Position?