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Monterey County Connect

Monterey County Connect offers mobile services for county residents




Are you tired of seeing vehicles illegally parked in your county? Frustrated by graffiti on public buildings, in local parks, and on other county landmarks? Concerned that there may be an alleged illegal dumping? The County of Monterey has a solution for you, Monterey County Connect.

Monterey County Connect offers a one-stop solution for county residents to report these types of issues.

This mobile app also enables the public to view or pay property tax bills, view parcel information, search county jobs, explore the County’s parks and so much more!

If the service is not handled by Monterey County, then Monterey County Connect will provide you with the appropriate contact information.

Monterey County Connect will also keep you up-to-date with the latest live streams to Monterey County Government news and road closures in the county.

Download Monterey County Connect today and access County services on the go!