SB 272 Enterprise Systems Catalog

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SB 272 - The California Public Records Act Inventory

On October 11, 2015, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill (SB) 272 into a law as part of the California Public Records Act. This bill requires all local agencies to publish a catalog of enterprise systems. These are systems that are used across multiple departments or that contain information collected about the public and are systems that serve as original source of data within an agency.

Certain systems are exempt from disclosure include:

  • Emergency services systems
  • Information technology security systems
  • Physical access control systems
  • Infrastructure and mechanical control systems

Below is Monterey County’s list of enterprise systems. This catalog will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Full text to SB 272


Vendor Name Product Name Purpose Types of Data Custodian Frequency of Data Collected Frequency of Data Updated
Vendor Name Product Name Purpose Types of Data Custodian Frequency of Data Collected Frequency of Data Updated
Statewide Soft CARTS Track employee hours and activities performed for various State Programs and create summarized reports. - Employee hours activities such as inspection pest detection, commodity quality control

Agricultural Commissioner Daily Daily
DPR CalAgPermits Restricted material permit and pesticide use reporting - Permit Data consisting of sites, permittee, acreage, commodity
- Reporting data consisting of permit data, type and amount of chemicals applied to commodity site
Agricultural Commissioner Daily Daily
DPR CalPeats Pesticide enforcement action tracking system - Performing and tracking PUE inspections
- Investigations, and enforcement actions

Agricultural Commissioner Daily Daily
USDA/APHIS PCIT Phytosanitary Certificate Issuance and Tracking System - Inspection and certification of agricultural products data
- Billing for inspection services data
Agricultural Commissioner Daily Daily
Stowe Research Equimetric Equimetric is a comprehensive suite of applications designed to meet the Field Inspection, Reporting, Device Registration, and Management requirements of California Weights & Measures jurisdictions.  - Employee hours and activities of inspections, price verifications, testing accuracy of measuring device
- Device registrations information
Agricultural Commissioner Daily Daily
Apex Sketch Pro v5 Building Schematic Creation - Building floor plans Assessor Daily Daily
Megabyte Systems Inc. MPTS2010 Property Assessment and Tax Collection System - Property appraisal
- Property ownership
- Owner communications
Assessor Daily Daily
CGI Group, Inc Advantage HRM Human Resources and Payroll system that automates the management of payroll and HR data, and the analysis and forecasting of liabilities and costs related to County resources. - Employee payroll and timekeeping
- Employee benefits and liabilities data
- Security and workflow settings
- Payroll and HR configurations
Auditor - Controller Daily Daily
CGI Group, Inc Advantage FIN Financial management system which provides County-wide accountability and transparency of all financial transactions and fiscal- and multi- year budgets. - Internal and external funding sources
- Accounting rules and policies
- Chart of accounts
- Financial reporting to GAAP and GASB
Auditor - Controller Daily Daily
CGI Group, Inc Advantage
Budgeting system that automates the planning, forecasting and development of County budgets, and supports all budget-cycle activities. - Historical performance
- Budget and actual expenditures and revenues
- Budget reports and workflow settings
Auditor - Controller Daily Daily
Granicus Legistar Agenda Management system Creating Board of Supervisors, BCCs, Board governed Agencies & Special Districts, agendas & minutes. - Routing & approval information reports
- Board reports
- iLegislate interface for County staff to access agenda information

Clerk of the Board Daily Daily
NetFile FPPC Form 700 filing system-Statements of Economic Interests Electronic system to complete and file FPPC Form 700 filings to Board, County Departments and Board governed agencies and special districts; as well as school and special districts where the BOS is the code reviewing body of Conflict of Interest Codes. - Public access to e-filed 700 forms (redacted)
- Completed form data remains in system
- Hard copy filings are scanned as pdfs to system
Clerk of the Board Daily Daily
Granicus Video Streaming- Meeting videos Live stream Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Board, Planning Commission, Zoning Administrator and some committee meetings - Video meeting recordings Clerk of the Board As needed As needed
OpenGov OpenGov Transparency OpenGov takes recommended budget, adopted budget, and year end budget numbers and displays them in a manner that is friendly to the public. - Budget vs. actual reports
- Recommended budget and year end actuals
County Administrative Office - Budget & Analysis Three times a year Monthly
Faster Asset Solution Faster Asset Solution Turnkey fleet data systems via Windows-based solution -Asset management
-Parts Inventory management
-Maintenance and labor tracking
- Accounting and billing tracking
County Administrative Office - Fleet Daily Daily
EJ Ward EJ Ward Turnkey fuel management operations system - Automated fuel access
- Asset management
- Automated accounting
County Administrative Office - Fleet Daily Daily
Invers Invers Fully automated online motor pool reservation and dispatch system - Motor pool reservation & dispatch
- Accounting and Billing Tracking
County Administrative Office - Fleet As needed As needed
Karpel Solutions, Inc Prosecutor by Karpel Case Management Data System for District Attorney - Charges filed by law enforcement
- Criminal history
- Evidence
- Past criminal charges file
District Attorney Daily Daily
Blane Canada, LTD Sychornist software Used for tracking business retention interviews  - Business profile information
Economic Development As needed As needed
IMPLAN IMPLAN Used for conducting Economic Impact analysis work  - Custom economic reports
Economic Development As needed As needed
CoStar Real Estate CoStar Real Estate For viewing real estate’s listing and sales  - Generating custom reports
Economic Development As needed As needed
DIMS DIMS DIMS is an elections management system for voter registration, ballot, precinct and election management. - Voter registration
- Ballot management
- Precinct management
- Election management
Elections Daily Daily
Robis AskED AskED is election precinct service management system to automate service delivery and support processes with precinct staff and elections management staff. - Poll place locations
- Poll place voting equipment deployment list
- Service delivery requests
Elections Election Day Election Day
Netsmart Avatar Electronic health records system to track the provision of behavioral healthcare services - Behavioral healthcare services in an inpatient and outpatient setting
- Services provided by contractors with County including alcohol and substance abuse information
- Treatment plans
- Medications
- Other services provided by a behavioral healthcare provider
Health Daily Daily
HLP, Inc. Chameleon Application and database used to track Animal Services data to include animals picked up, adopted, and animal licensing in County jurisdiction. - Animal description
- Region and proximity where stray animals were found,
- Licensing
- Amount owed per animal
- Rabies incidents/vaccinations
Health Daily Daily
OCHIN EPIC Electronic Health Records system that tracks outpatient and integrated services provided in County FQHC Look Alike Clinics - Outpatient services provided by Health Dept, Clinic Services
Health Daily Daily
State of California ISIS State system to track individuals that participate in the Women Infants and Children programs throughout the state - Nutrition programs
- Clients (mothers, children, and prospective mothers)
- Nutrition education
- Issuance of checks for healthy supplemental foods
- Participation information of pregnant women, infants, or children under age 5, new mothers
Health Daily Daily
Panoramic Software, Inc. Panosoft Vendor hosted solution that tracks individuals conserved - Client information
- Conservatorship status
- Case management
Health Daily Daily
State of California MEDS State system used to track medi-cal eligibility as accessed by Health - Medi-cal eligibility for clients
Health Daily Daily
Accela Envision Connect Vendor hosted solution that tracks all licensing, inspection, permits, and violations and hazardous material information with information exchanged with State. - Restaurant inspections
- Hazardous material handling
- Facility tracking
- Solid waste
- Recycling
- Consumer Protection that enforces standards that include oversight after all incidents impacting the environment and the constituents

Health Daily Daily
State of California AVSS Hosted by State - Birth Data
Health Daily Daily
CA-EDRS CA-EDRS System Hosted by State vendor - Deaths including fetal deaths
Health Daily Daily
Applicant Tracking Module
County-wide Applicant Tracking software utilized for recruitment purposes including posting of positions, receipt of on-line and hard copy applications, email notifications, tracking, qualifications scoring, statistical analysis and reporting. - Recruitment data
- Applicant data
- Statistical analysis
Human Resources Daily Daily
Meridian Meridian
Learning Management Software
County-wide software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic courses or classroom training programs. - Course catalog
- Completed courses
- Reports
- Training Materials
Human Resources Daily Daily
Microsoft Microsoft Office 365G3 Centralized software subscription service that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and SharePoint - Employee mailboxes
- Computer hard drives
- Shared drives and in the government cloud
Information Technology Continuously Continuously
Microsoft Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Mobility Suite Centralized software subscription that enables management of mobile devices and applications, adds security layers to protect data strengthens identity and rights management. - Employee mailboxes
- Computer hard drives
- Shared drives and in the government cloud
Information Technology Continuously Continuously
BrainStorm QuickHelp Online training solution that offers video instruction for various Microsoft productivity tools. - Technical training videos
Information Technology Daily Daily
Information Technology Combined Pers Used by multiple departments to manage personnel data that is not part or ERP - Employee demographics
- Career history and HR actions
Information Technology As needed As needed
ServiceNow ServiceNow IT Service Management system to automate service delivery and support processes, interface with customers, and serve as centralized repository of IT data. - Technical support and service requests
- IT change records
- Technical projects and demands
- IT asset and configuration management data
- IT labor tracking
Information Technology Daily Daily
Esri ArcGIS Desktop Desktop Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software enabling mapping and geospatial analytics. - GIS
Information Technology Daily Daily
Esri ArcGIS Online Cloud solution providing the ability to rapidly create purpose-specific hosted; webmaps, apps, and GIS data hosting/sharing.
- GIS/Web Development
Information Technology Daily Daily
Esri ArcGIS Server Server-based Enterprise GIS solution, allowing the hosting of the County's GIS data repository. - GIS/Database
Information Technology Daily Daily
Oracle Oracle 12c Database which serves as foundation for ArcGIS Server. - Database
Information Technology Daily Daily
Latitude Geographics Geocortex Essentials Provides ability to create and robust web-mapping solutions. - Mapping/ Web Development
Information Technology Daily Daily
Trimble Trimble Pathfinder Office Processes and exports GPS-digitized GIS data. - GPS/GIS
Information Technology As needed As needed
Trimble Trimble TerraSync Enables field data collection of GPS-digitized GIS data. - GPS/GIS
Information Technology As needed As needed
Microsoft SharePoint Collaborative tool that allows teams and groups to share documents, calendars, lists and files - Reports
- Calendars of schedules
- Documents pertinent to the operations of a given department
Information Technology Daily Daily
Infolinx Infolinx Records Management system for the storage and retention of physical County files - Reports
- Case files
- Medical records
- Financial records
- Employee records

Information Technology Daily Daily
Questys Questys ECMx v11.3.0.61 Electronic storage of department documents and scanned images - Reports
- Case files
- Permit applications
- Planning documents and drawings
Information Technology Daily Daily
Adobe Adobe Experience Manager Provides ability to create electronic forms and implement form work-flow between people - Any data suitable for entry into an electronic form
Information Technology As needed As needed
Vision Internet Vision CMS Website Content Management System - Web pages
- Images
- Documents
- eNotification subscriber information
Information Technology Daily Daily
Siteimprove Siteimprove Provides quality assurance reports on County websites such as broken hyperlinks, misspelled words and accessibility issues - Quality assurance reports
- Broken hyperlinks
- Misspellings
- Website inventory
Information Technology Daily Daily
Calero Pinnacle
Enterprise telephony applications (phone, voicemail, RightFax, and Solidus) charge back software for monthly reoccurring charges and one time service requests.
Provides telephone call records for long distance billing and phone record requests
- List of departmental employees that subscribe to telephony application and associated IT charges
- Records of outbound phone calls
Information Technology Continuously Every 15 minutes
Innovative Interfaces Inc. Polaris Integrated Library System that manages library operations including borrower database, searchable catalog of materials, staff ability to check in and check out materials. Patron records are protected - Card holder database
- Patron's record of materials borrowed, requested
Library Daily Daily
Comprise Smart Access Manager Manages public computer use and printing - Library card holder information
Library Business days Business days
Unique Management Unique Management Material Recovery Send collection request to patrons that have fines or charges $50 or above - Patron's contact information
- Patron's debt information
Library Business days Business days
Evanced Meeting Room booking Software Allows library card holders to book meeting rooms. - Patron's contact information
Library Daily Daily
Various Oneclick
and others
Third party services purchased by the library that provide catalog and borrowing records of electronic books and audio books - Patron's library card numbers
- Borrowing records within each system
Library Daily Daily
BrainFuse BrainFuse Online Homework Help - Validated with library card number
Library Daily Daily
VetPro VetPro Military and Vets program used to access services - Record management
Military & Veterans Daily Daily
Digital Rez Digital Rez A reservation system to keep track of our reservations for camping and day use of our parks. - Name
- Address
- Phone number
-Email address
-Method of payment
Parks Daily Daily
Homeland Justice Systems, Inc Smart Probation Case Management System - Client demographics
-Court cases
- Supervisions
- Institution records
- Programs
Probation Daily Daily
Eventum (Open Source) Eventum Support Request Tracking software - Request for changes bugs
Probation Daily Daily
Justice Works Defender Data Case management database which tracks criminal cases. - Attorney-client communications
- Investigation case preparation/resolution
Public Defender Daily Daily
ACS Enterprises, Solutions, LLC/Xerox Business Services, LLC Xerox/Exigent County Clerk/Recorder back-end recording/filing/accounting system - Real property document index
- Real property document images
- Fictitious business name statements
- Vital record index
- California Environmental Quality Act Document Index
-Department accounting/statistical data
Recorder - County Clerk Daily Daily
CeRTNA CeRTNA Electronic Recording System - Real property documents
Recorder - County Clerk Daily Daily
Accela Inc. Accela Automation County Land Use permit tracking system to automate service delivery and support processes, interface with customers and serve as centralized repository of County land use permit and address data. - Permit data
- Address data
- Land use inspection records
- Code compliance records
- Encroachment permit records
- Land use report library
- Land Use public records request tracking
Resource Management Agency Daily Daily
Jamar Jamar
Trax Pro
Software to collect traffic volume data on County roadways - Traffic volumes
- Speed data
- Turn movements
Resource Management Agency Daily Yearly
TrafficWare Synchro Software to time traffic signals; Design/Analyze of signals, stop signs and yield signs on intersections - Signal timing
- Traffic movements
Resource Management Agency Monthly Yearly
McTrans HCS Highway capacity software to design new roundabouts, intersections and calculate data to implement stop sign and signals - Stop sign warrants
- Signal warrants
- Yield traffic movements
Resource Management Agency Weekly/Monthly Yearly
CrossRoads CrossRoads Software that collects collision data for CHP and analysis of road design and safety repairs - Collision data
Resource Management Agency Weekly Yearly
Mitron Mitron Traffic volume counts and Turn movement counts -Traffic volume
- Speed data
Resource Management Agency Daily N/A
AutoDesk AutoCAD Used for drafting and design documentation - Site layout
-Network design
Resource Management Agency Daily Daily
TracNet Daily Patrol Log Provides citizens and media with a brief synopsis and a list of Patrol reports taken each day - Date/time
- Charges (if applicable)
- Location
- Deputy ID
- Report nbr
Sheriff Daily Daily
TracNet Inmate Information Provides L.E. and citizens with a list of who is in custody - Booking number
- Name
- Date booked
- Sex
- Age
- Housing location
- Arresting agency
- Charges and bail amounts
Sheriff As needed Hourly
TracNet Daily Patrol Log Reports to website, advising citizens of crime reports in their area - Generic block location
-Crime report
-Type of crime
- Agency identifier
Sheriff Daily Daily
State C-IV C-IV
The State Automated Welfare System. Used to determine and manage client eligibility and employment services.
- Case management
Social Services Daily Daily
Criminal Justice Information System. It is used to conduct background/information checks.
- Criminal information
Social Services Daily Daily
State Office of Systems Integration SFIS
State Fingerprinting Imaging System. Used by Community Benefits, Children Services and Human Resources.
- Finger printing
Social Services Daily Daily
California Department of Health Care Sercvices CalHEERS
California Health Eligibility Enrollment Retention System. Used by Community Benefits to assist in determination of eligibility per the Affordable Care Act.
- Case management Social Services Daily Daily
Child Welfare Services Case Managment System. It is used for case managment of Child Welfare information.
- Case management Social Services Daily Daily
WinCams WinCams
Used to submit workorders for County Facilities. - Work order system Social Services Daily Daily
Case Management Information Payroll System. Used by In Home Supportive Services to process payroll for providers. - Case management Social Services Daily Daily

Used for ordering of forms and supplies for DSS staff. - Inventory Social Services Daily Daily
Used for case file requests and tracking
- Inventory
Social Services Daily Daily
Excellesoft REVA
Used by Adult Services for registration of In Home Supportive Services providers. - Service provide database
Social Services Daily Daily
The portal to AACTS. These are adult services case management and tracking systems. - Case management Social Services Daily Daily
Structured Decision Making. Used by Family and Children Services for case decision making. - Decision making software Social Services Daily Daily
Social Services GAOS
General Assistance On-line System. Used by Community Benefits for entering and tracking General Assistance payments. - Case management Social Services Daily Daily
Assessment system used by Employment Services. - Assessment tool
Social Services Daily Daily
CDSS EBT - This is an issuance method.
Electronic Benefit Transfer. System by which payments are made to eligible recipients. - Electronic benefit transfer
Social Services Daily Daily
State C-IV LDS (County Consortium)

Legacy Data System. Access to all ISAWS data. - Customer information Social Services Daily Daily
Social Services WAMS

Work Assignment Management System. System is used to manage Community Benefits task based business process. Work is assigned to the Renewals, Status Reports, Focus and Correspondence units using this application. - Task assignment system Social Services Daily Daily
Timestudy Buddy Time Study Buddy

Used to track and maintain staff time studies. - Time tracking Social Services Daily Daily
Social Services Alexandria

Repository for interactive reports that can be used to determine locations of persons being aided. - Report repository Social Services Daily Daily
Social Services BIOS (GABenefit Issuance)
Benefit Issuance Online System - Tracks and records payments for General Assistance. - Benefit issuance
Social Services Daily Daily

Electronic Payment Processing and Information Control - EBT vendor system, XEROX. Tracks and reports issuance of benefits via EBT. - Electronic benefit payment Social Services Daily Daily
iStar iStar

System to report and track deficiencies for EBT hardware and software. - Reporting Social Services Daily Daily
Safe Measures Safe Measures

Third party application Database that contains information specific to foster child placement. Used for GIS information. - Case management Social Services Daily Daily
Social Solutions
Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)

A case management system to track 3 different programs; Pathways to Safety, Wraparound, and Pathways to Employment. - Case management Social Services Daily Daily
Megabyte Systems Inc. MPTS2010 Property Assessment and Tax Collection System - Billing
- Collections
- Correspondence
Treasurer Tax Collector Daily Daily
Columbia Ultimate Business Systems RPCS Debt Collection System - Debtor information
- Accounts receivable
- Correspondence
Treasurer Tax Collector Daily Daily
RTLawrence Corppration RTLFirst, FirstView Document Imaging system - Remittence processing
- Correspondence
Treasurer Tax Collector Daily Daily
Information Technology WRA
Assessment Roll
Manage Water Resource Agency assessments - Acreage
- Land use
Water Resource Agency Daily Daily
Loggernet Configure weather station hardware at
Nacimiento and San Antonio Dams and
captures weather station from those
- Precipitation
- Air temperature
- Evaporation
Water Resource Agency Daily Daily
WinCAMS Manage Water Resource Agency budget - Accounting data, including timecards
Water Resource Agency As needed As needed