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Collection Development Policy


The Mission of Monterey County Free Libraries is to bring ideas, inspiration, information and enjoyment to our community.


In order to fulfill its mission, Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) will select, organize and make library materials accessible in a variety of formats to meet the expressed, anticipated and lifelong learning needs and interests of the broad community it serves. MCFL will provide materials in English and Spanish, and additional languages that best respond to the current needs of MCFL’s service areas.

Selection Criteria:

Under the direction of the Library Director, professional librarians select materials by utilizing a combination of reviews, knowledge of the community, currency of information, popularity and demand. MCFL makes efforts to represent a broad range of viewpoints. Each selection is evaluated on its own merit taking into consideration budgetary and space limitations and its relation to the collection as a whole.

Materials will not be excluded solely because they may cause concern to some individuals. Materials may include items deemed controversial because of their political, religious or sexual content if they meet other selection criteria. Restriction of a child’s access to materials is the right and responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Monterey County Free Libraries subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read, and the Freedom to View statements of the American Library Association.


MCFL’s collection is regularly assessed and maintained by professional staff.Materials that are no longer considered useful will be withdrawn from the collection. Factors taken into consideration in the removal of library materials include, but are not limited to, age, accuracy of content, current patron interest, physical condition, availability of other material on the subject, and shelf space. Withdrawn materials may be sold at library book sales, donated or discarded.

Suggestions for Purchase:

MCFL encourages library users to make suggestions for purchase which may be made online or in person. Each suggestion is subject to the same selection criteria as other materials and is not automatically added to the collection.


MCFL encourages and regularly receives donations of materials as possible additions to the collection. Donations are final and become the property of the library and are evaluated using the same selection criteria as purchased material. Materials the library cannot use will be offered at library book sales or disposed of in other ways. The library reserves the right to refuse donations and does not guarantee that any item will be added to the collection. Items not added to the collection will not be returned to the donor.

Monetary bequests and memorials to honor community patrons and supporters of the library are welcomed.If requested by the donor memorial bookplates may be attached to donated or purchased materials.

Reconsideration of Materials:

Library users who express concern about an item in the collection will be provided with a Library Materials Comment Form. The completed form and material will be reviewed by professional staff and the Library Director. The patron will be provided with a response if requested.