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Gifts to the Libraries



The Monterey County Free Libraries welcomes donations of books and other materials that serve the mission of the library system. All gifts are screened by the professional staff for their appropriateness to the Library’s mission. The Library reserves the right to accept only those gifts which the staff determines will be of value to the library and to the community.

A donation made to the library, or any branch or program of the library, becomes the sole property of the Monterey County Free Libraries, which reserves the right to use, designate use of, and dispose of that property.

The Library reserves the right to decline any gifts. Items received will be handled by designated staff as deemed appropriate, including, but not limited to, adding the items to the collection, sending them to other agencies, using them in fundraising events for the Library, or discarding them.

Because of space limitations and/or unsuitability for the collection, the Library cannot accept some types of items, including, but not limited to, the following: outdated or inappropriate material, used textbooks*, Readers’ Digest Condensed books, old encyclopedias, and books in poor condition.

The Library also accepts donations of goods, such as furniture, equipment, supplies, art, etc., reserving the right to accept only those items that the Library determines to be useful to the library system. Before accepting artwork that may become permanent or semi-permanent fixtures in the library, like murals, sculpture, etc., the project or item will be evaluated by an ad hoc art committee, who will then make their recommendation to the County Librarian. The County Librarian will be responsible for the final decision. Committee members will be designated by the County Librarian and will consist of Library staff and/or community members.

Monetary donations to the Monterey County Free Libraries are welcome. The donor may designate a Library branch, program, or area, to which the gift is directed. Prospective donors of monetary gifts should be referred to the County Librarian or his/her designee.


  1. Upon receipt of donated goods, library staff shall offer the donor a completed and signed Receipt for Donated Goods form. In accordance with IRS regulations, the donor should establish his/her own estimated value or have the item (s) appraised.


* Textbooks books may be accepted by the Friends of the Marina Library and resold as a fundraising effort. For more details visit their website at http://www.friendsofthemarinalibrary.org/?q=book-sales