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Test Proctoring

As part of our mission to support life-long learning, some branches of Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL) provide test proctoring services to their patrons.Test Proctoring is currently offered by Monterey County FreeLibraries at the following branches: BuenaVista, Carmel Valley, Greenfield, King City, Prunedale, and Soledad.


Students needing a test proctor must contact the library branch manager to request test proctoring services before any test materials are sent by the student’s college or university. Branch libraries will require the student’s name, home or business address, telephone number, library card number, and email address (if appropriate) before test proctoring can begin. The student should provide this information on an MCFL Request for Test Proctoring Form

Students must arrange a time with an MCFL branch manager before taking a proctored test. A minimum of five days notice is required before any test will be proctored. No “drop-in” test proctoring is available.

Exams will only be administered during the library branch’s open hours. Tests must be scheduled and completed at least thirty (30) minutes before closing time. Only tests that are four hours or less in length will be proctored.

At the time of testing, the student must provide current photo identification or the identification specified by the testing institution. Students should bring all supplies required during their tests.

Library staff proctors cannot monitor a student continuously during the exam, but will check on the student periodically. A completely quiet environment cannot be guaranteed.

Library computer settings or equipment cannot be modified to accommodate an online test. If a library public computer is required for testing, students must understand that there may be some degree of noise and activity around the public workstations. Personal laptops may be used in branches with WiFi systems and if permitted by the testing institution.

Scope of MCFL Proctoring Services

Though MCFL branch libraries will meet the testing institution’s requirements whenever possible, branch libraries reserve the right to refuse proctoring services if the requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.

MCFL libraries will not keep copies of test materials.


Students are responsible for all costs connected with the tests, including costs of returning the exam to the testing institution (e.g.: fax fees or postage). Students must provide correctly-sized envelopes and postage for test materials that need to be mailed back to the educational institution.

To help defray the costs associated with test proctoring, MCFL charges $10 per test effective January 1, 2010.