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Your library is as close as your mailbox and it is free!
1-800-322-6884 or 831-883-7544


The Library by Mail program of the Monterey County Free Libraries was established in spring of 1986 with the name Books by Mail to provide free library services to residents living in geographically remote areas of Monterey County and to other people unable to get to a library facility. In spring 2009 Books by Mail was officially renamed Library by Mail to reflect the wider range of services provided by the program and to offer Library by Mail delivery service to residents in the Monterey County. It is a modern and convenient way to use the resources of the libraries and it is free.


We will send library materials by mail to residents in the Monterey County with a valid library card. Postage for delivery and pick up is prepaid, so there is no cost to you.  If you need a valid library card, please go to Get a Library Card to fill out an application.

Most items typically borrowed in person at the library can be delivered to you by mail. This includes adult, young adult, and children’s materials, large print books, talking books, DVDs, videos and more.Book Club to Go bags are not delivered by mail.

You can also request information on any topic and we will send the supporting materials to you by mail.


When you borrow through Library by Mail you will have several ways to select your materials:

  1. You can go online to the Monterey County Free Libraries website:
  2. Log into your account and search through our catalog and place materials on hold for yourself. Select “Library by Mail
    as your pick up location. Materials will be sent to you by mail.
  3. You can call Library by Mail staff with the materials you wish to order and we will then put your selections on hold for you.1-800-322-6884 or 831-883-7544
  4. You can ask the Library by Mail staff to choose items for you. Just give us the names of authors or subjects that interest you.
  5. You can ask the Library by Mail staff to send you postage-paid order cards.

You can fill out the cards indicating the materials you wish to receive and mail your requests to the library.

Once your requests are received, Library by Mail staff will mail your selections to you in reusable shipping bags. The return postage for each bag is pre-stamped on the mailing label. You should return the items you borrow in the same shipping bag with the pre-stamped return label or return the complete bag to your local branch library. The loan period for Library by Mail materials is extended to four weeks. Materials may not be renewed. Please note that materials borrowed directly from a branch have shorter loan periods and may be renewed.


We have instituted a hybrid Library by Mail Program during COVID 19. With this program, you can opt instead to return the item at your local branch of MCFL, instead of mailing it back. If you do so, we will send the item in a non-reusable “bubble mailing bag” with only one way postage. You can then return the item, with or without the bag to your local branch. Library by Mail staff will be calling you when we have the item, to ask you which method is preferred.


From its inception, Library by Mail has played an important role in providing library service to residents of Monterey County. Many people use the service each week. You can be one of them!