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Learners' Stories
Tutors' Testimonials
Below is a very heartwarming new letter from a learner:

English is my big problem. I’m going to the literacy program to improve and practice my English. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m Learning to swim in the immense ocean. To gain entrance to the society of this country seems beyond my reach.

I’m using all of my time, ears, eyes, mind and heart to learning English. Time is going on, it doesn’t care that I’m getting older. Someone comes up to me and says, “Stay home, and take care of your grandchildren”. I don’t want it that way. A bad dream haunts me many times. I’m looking for the way and I can’t find the exit. When I wake up, I talk to myself. You can’t live here without English. You can’t stop learning. I don’t understand people who don’t try to learn English. To me that is a tragedy.
Xuan le Tran

I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. I've been living in the United States for 12 years. I came to the Adult Literacy Program to improve my English skill. I have a 5 year old son and want to be able to help him in school.

I really need to know English, because I have a nine year old daughter who needs my help with her homework. Every day she comes home with something new for me, and I want to be able to help her the best that I can. Another thing that I wanted to learn is to write in cursive. When I was in school in Mexico they didn't teach cursive writing, only printing. I now know how to write in cursive and I am able to understand my daughter's homework. I am very pleased to have reached this goal.
My Letter
I would like to thank Mrs. Rita Zanzinger for the opportunity I have to become the best person I can be because I am learning how to write, to read, and to speak better English. This learning is going to help me become what I have always wanted to be. My dream and goal is to be a certified Nursing Assistant. I would like to thank my tutor and friend, Suzanne, for helping me to reach my dream and my goal.

I would like in the future to work in a restaurant in the kitchen as the cook. I would like to work elderly care or child care, for that I will have to learn more English. I want to finish my Focus On Phonics 2B in June. I want to finish my Begin in English in May.

I feel my adult learner is making great progress and is so motivated. She is a delight to be with and I only hope I am helping her as much as she wants and needs. Her aspirations amaze me. We both look forward to our sessions on Monday evenings. The Literacy Program is a wonderful opportunity for all those who wish to improve their skills and I have met some of the nicest people who are a part of this program.

The following is a beautiful example of the relationships that are built by participation in this program:

My learner, Brenda, left the program almost five years ago. She now lives in Hong Kong. We keep in contact by e-mail. On August 25th I received a newsy message from Brenda. In closing, she truly touched me by the following words: "Sometimes, when I get off from work, I am really missing so much the old days with the literacy program. I keep repeating to myself - I am a lucky person - such program helps me a lot - learning while relaxing plus I have met a wonderful tutor like you."
Why do you pronounce "bough, cough, tough, ought differently? Explaining my language is a challenge sometimes! I would like to think I can be some small part of the success that will come to my learner, Alberto, as he progresses in his reading and writing ability. I very much want him to share his love of learning with his children. Children who read early have been proven to excel in school. I think Diana and Rita made a great match when they paired me and Alberto. I am proud to be a part of this program.
Luana, Marina


More Letters from Learners:
Before the program, my English wasn't very good. Now, I am very lucky to participate in this program because I improve my English every day. The tutors are excellent teachers and friends. They help us to correct our English. I recommend the program to everyone who wants to improve their English. I am really excited and happy to be involved in this program. Also, the coordinator, provides some free books for me to read with my children. My children are very happy for the books that I get for them. We have a couple of family parties every year when all the learners meet together and we have fun with our families.
Alberto, Seaside

Send your stories about your learner's goals and progress, where you're going and how you're getting there to: andrewscs@co.monterey.ca.us