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About the Probation Department

The Monterey County Probation Department serves all of the criminal courts of Monterey County, California. Probation Officers supervise approximately 5,500 adult and 900 juvenile offenders granted probation by the courts. The department's services to the community include recommending sanctions to the court, enforcing court orders, operating correctional institutions, incarcerating delinquents, assisting victims, and providing corrective assistance to individuals in conflict with the law.

The department works together with law enforcement agencies, schools, community based organizations, and the citizens of Monterey County to form productive partnerships to ensure public safety, offender rehabilitation, and the protection of victims' rights.

The Probation Department also operates and maintains the Juvenile Hall and other juvenile facilities and programs, including the Youth Center, the Silver Star Youth Program, and the Silver Star Resource Center.

The executive offices of the Department are located at 20 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, California 93901. Executive staff are:

  • Todd Keating, Chief Probation Officer
  • Jennifer Butz, Youth Center Program Division Director
  • Wil Sims, Adult Division Director
  • Gregory Glazzard, Juvenile Division Director
  • Jose Ramirez, Juvenile Hall Division Director

Mission of the Probation Department

The mission of the Monterey County Probation Department is to provide protection to the citizens of Monterey County by preventing and reducing the frequency, severity, and impact of criminal and delinquent behavior among adults and juveniles who come within the jurisdiction of the Probation Department. This is accomplished through prevention activities, preparation of appropriate reports, recommendations to the court, enforcement of court orders, providing victim assistance and by seeking and developing new methodologies in probation services.

Goals of the Probation Department

The primary goal of the Monterey County Probation Department is to provide the highest quality of probation services to the court, offenders, and the community. This goal is achieved when:

  • The community is protected from dangerous persons;
  • The rights of crime victims are recognized, respected, and ensured;
  • Clients are deterred from criminal behavior;
  • Clients are provided opportunities to become, and remain, law-abiding members of the community; and,
  • Community programs and agencies are recognized and used as resources for crime prevention and/or rehabilitation.

Voting Rights for Californians with Criminal Convictions or Detained in Jail or Prison