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The Administration Division of the Monterey County Probation Department provides a wide range of services to the department including fiscal management, human resources, and information technology.

Finance Division

The Finance Division provides fiscal services to the Probation Department. This unit ensures that revenues are maximized and that expenditures are correct. This division establishes and reviews annual budgets; monitors expenses; prepares local, state and federal funding claims; collects restitution payments; processes payroll; and maintains accounts payable and receivable. The division works with other department divisions, county departments, and outside agencies to administer grants, manage projects, and audit grants.


The Probation Department assists the courts in holding offenders accountable for their victims’ financial losses. The goals of restitution are to:

Provide compensation to victims who suffered financial losses as a result of crime. Such losses may include out-of-pocket expenses for medical or mental health treatment, property loss or damage, sexual assault examinations, HIV testing, participation in justice processes, and funeral costs. Hold offenders accountable for their actions, specifically those that cause financial harm to victims.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division provides services that include, but are not limited to, recruitment, hiring, pre-employment background investigations, grievances, discipline, promotional processes, performance evaluation appeals, and Worker’s Compensation claims. In addition, this division is responsible for maintaining employee personnel records, department transfers, benefits, and processing certain employee requests.

Probation Department Policy Manual

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Employment Opportunities (click link)

Safety Officer

The department safety officer provides expertise in areas involving staff safety within the work environment. Responsibilities include ensuring compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, rules, and regulations and working with local environmental and safety agencies to keep the workplace safe.

Information Technology

This unit provides innovative and cost effective technology solutions including automated records and case management systems, programs, tools, imbedded systems, and network resources to probation staff and management. The IT staff is responsible for the development, implementation, training, monitoring, and support of information management systems and computer programs designed to meet the department’s business needs.

Training and Development

This unit is responsible for ensuring that all sworn officers comply with their mandated training requirements established by the Board of State and Community Corrections. This is accomplished by providing entry level and annual training to all sworn officers on a yearly basis.

The goal of the Training and Development Unit is to develop and retain professional, well-trained staff in all classifications. This is accomplished by providing training that will enhance and promote their job skills so they will be able to perform their duties in a safe and effective manner.