Youth Center

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Mission Statement

The Monterey County Youth Center is dedicated to providing individualized treatment and education in a respectful and safe environment while preparing youth for a successful transition to families and community.

Youth Center Program

The Monterey County Youth Center is a local boy's residential facility and aftercare program designed for Monterey County Juvenile Court wards.  This program includes educational and rehabilitation opportunities offered through collaboration with other county agencies and departments, as well as private and business sectors of the community.  The length of the program is 365 days. Nine months of that time is spent in custody at the Youth Center.

The Aftercare portion of the program is spent in the community and can last from six to twelve months. All residents are placed on electronic monitoring when they first start aftercare.  In January of 2009, the Youth Center began utilizing a new program derived from the Missouri Model which emphasizes smaller group sizes to foster more productive counseling sessions and a home atmosphere.  Individual bays meet three times daily to discuss individual programs, peer relations, and other obstacles which could possibly arise in their day to day activities.

Vocational Education Room

Opened in January of 2009, the Vocational Education Room gives our residents a taste of work in the trades.  Here, our residents are introduced to electrical, plumbing, concrete, tile, blueprints, roof and wall framing.

Salinas Valley Education Center

In January of 2009, the Youth Center along with MCOE opened the brand new Salinas Valley Education Center.  Located behind the Youth Center, this $1.8 million dollar facility is state of the art complete with four classrooms and offices for both MCOE and Probation staff.