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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.


Transient Use of Residential Property (Short-term rental - 30 consecutive days or less) may be permitted with an approved discretionary permit, in certain designated zoning districts in the County. Discretionary permits require review and approval by a decision making body and may or may not be granted.

Applicable Monterey County Policy/Regulation:



Transient Occupancy Tax

Rental for 30 days or less requires payment of transient occupancy tax (Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax Ordinance). Each operator renting occupancy to transients are required to register with the Tax Collector and obtain from the Tax Collector a transient occupancy registration certificate, to be at all times posted in a conspicuous place on the premises. Payment of taxes does not otherwise permit a use that is not otherwise allowed.