The Public's Guide to Permit Revisions

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Unplanned changes to approved construction plans happen for a variety of different reasons, from unanticipated budget constraints, to a grand new vision of your project.  Whether you are scaling up, scaling down, or simply tweaking some minor details of your construction project, this guide will help you understand when your changes can be incorporated into your current permit and when you will need to apply for a new permit.

When can my current permit be revised?

Your changes can be incorporated into your current permit when they are minor in nature.  Monterey County defines “minor changes” as those which add less than 100 square feet of space to the original scope of your issued construction permit or which do not affect the structural calculations or the fire and life safety features of your approved construction plans. Some examples of minor changes include:

  • Revising existing remodel permit to add new heat source to an addition, such as wood stove or insert gas fireplace.
  • Revising existing addition permit to replace all windows and exterior doors in existing house.
  • Moving or adding interior non-bearing walls.

What do I do to get my current permit revised?

First, contact the design profession who prepared your original set of construction plans and make arrangements for him or her to design your revised plans.  If you prepared your own plans for your project, you may also prepare your own revised plans.  Then, bring your revised plans along with the county-approved job site copy of your current plans to the RMA Permit Center (Government Administration Building, 168 W Alisal Street, 2nd Floor, Salinas).  Please note that you should not schedule inspections while you plan to have the job site copy away from the job site; inspections cannot occur without the approved job site copy on the premises.  Before removing the job site copy from the premises, ensure that all construction professionals are aware and make needed arrangements. 

Once at the RMA Permit Center, complete the Revision to Construction Permit Form.  If possible, your revision will be plan checked over-the-counter and issued the same day.  When over-the-counter plan check is not possible, your revision plans will be taken in and reviewed within five business days and you will be allowed to return the job site copy to the job site.  Once your revised plans are reviewed, any needed corrections are addressed, and your plans are approved, you can return to the RMA Permit Center, with your original job site copy to have your revision issued.  Please note that additional plan check fees, inspection fees and issuance fees may be due at time of issuance. 

How will my revised permit affect my inspections?

When calling in for inspections on your revised permit, make sure to specify if the work needing inspection falls under your original permit or under the revision to your permit.  Your revision will be issued under the original permit number, but will include the suffix REV plus the number 01 for the first revision, 02 for the second revision, etc.  For example, if your original permit number is 16CP00123, your first revision number will be 16CP00123REV01.  Be sure to specify if inspections are needed under both the original permit and the revision(s).   

When will I need to apply for a new permit?

You will need to apply for a new permit anytime your proposed changes are major in nature.  Monterey County defines “major changes” as any proposed change which adds 100 square feet or more of space or which affect the structural calculations or the fire and life safety features of your approved construction plans.  Examples include adding windows, increasing roof height, modifying roof slope, adding a retaining wall, reducing shear wall lengths, increasing load and spans of beams, or changing a means of egress.



To download a Revision Construction Permit Application, visit our "Forms & Applications" page.