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Monterey County Parks Dept.
1441 Schilling Place, 2nd Floor
Salinas, CA 93901
831.755.4899 (Reservations)
831.755.4895 (Business) 
888.588.2267 (Toll Free)
831.757.9516 (Fax)

Laguna Seca:
831-242-8200 (Reservations)

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Lake San Antonio:


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Mission Statement

The Monterey County Parks Department maintains stewardship over a system of county parks. These outdoor recreation resources are managed to preserve, promote, and interpret the natural, historical, and cultural values of Monterey County. They are operated to provide opportunities for the public's enjoyment, inspiration, education, personal development and cultural enrichment.

History of the Monterey County Parks

In order to have a complete history of the Monterey County Parks Department, we must go back more than 10 years prior to its official formation to the construction of Nacimiento Dam, the purpose of which was to provide water storage to replenish the underground Salinas River aquifer, which was being contaminated with salt water due to over-pumping of irrigation water in the Salinas Valley. Since a lake was created, boaters and campers wanted to use it and thus, a park was formed, though it was owned and operated under the Monterey County Flood Control and Water Conservation District for many years. Click here for a history of Monterey County Parks.


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1441 Schilling Pl., 2nd Floor
Salinas, Ca 93901
831.755.4899 (Reservations)
831.755.4895 (Business)
888.588.2267 (Toll Free)